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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ***Thanks to those who approached me with offers and questions on this plate. FYI the plate is now listed for sale by auction here: https://collectingcars.com/plates/l003-tus-number-plate?utm_medium=email&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=gone_live Good luck! LO03 TUS This personalised plate can be put on a 2003 OR LATER vehicle. You CAN NOT put this on an vehicle older than 2003 to make it look newer. The plate is currently on retention. I will add you as a nominee to the retention certificate through DVLA following payment. You will then use the retention certificate to transfer it to your vehicle by DVLA, either by post or online. You will also need to get your own number plates made up. NO OFFERS. NO AGENCIES. NO CANVASSERS.


    - GB

  2. I echo Dave's suggestion. It is easy enough. Foliatec or E-Tech both do caliper paint kits with everything you need, barring a jack and some masking tape.. Jamie
  3. I should have mentioned that. I already spent one afternoon doing the same. Apologies! Jamie
  4. Approach a Lotus dealer with your vehicle and alarm details and they will be able to source the code for you. They needed to see a copy of my V5 before they would release it. Jamie
  5. You're welcome! Glad it helped. If your car came with a bunch of paperwork then go through it and see if there is a cobra alarms card amongst it. That may have the PIN written on it, or the previous owner may have written it in your handbook. Jamie
  6. I only joined here just over a week ago so I will let some one else comment on that one!
  7. You are better off masking off part of the beam. That's also what the manual suggests (p115). Jamie
  8. Thanks, that's very kind of you! I shall indeed buy you a drink once all this social distancing is over! I guess I need to start practicing removing stuck bolts before I attempt it on the car! Jamie
  9. Thanks Will. Yes, buying a new one and installing was Plan A, but I took a hex key to it before posting and found that two of the bolts were rounded off. Drilling those out right above my fuel tank didn't strike me as a great idea, hence painting in situ as Plan B! Jamie
  10. These were the detailed instructions I received for pairing my fob. Looks like you have followed them so far but you might spot something in here you have not done? REMOTE KEY FOB - PROGRAMMING - USE WHEN ADDING A NEW REMOTE INTO THE SYSTEM IGNITION MUST BE ON AND THE ALARM OFF STEP 1 – PREPARING ALL REMOTE KEY FOBS - ALL FOBS MUST BE DONE SIMULTANEOUSLY Press and hold both buttons on remote until the LED stops flashing (about 10 seconds). Do this for all remotes to be programmed The LED on the remote should stay on until after programming. If the LED on
  11. Hi all. First post on this forum. I did a quick search for this but couldn’t find anyone who has this specific issue, only on replacing/upgrading the ring etc. So the aluminium fuel filler ring surround on my Exige S2 is scratched and it bothers me every time I get in or out of the car. The scratch is too deep to polish it out. Photos attached. I could replace it with a new ring, or a new type/colour of ring, however I was thinking about painting it to cover up the scratches. Either in silver so it keeps the same current colour or in black t
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