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  1. On another forum, somebody taught me that the Norfolk Mustard Yellow (B05) was the plain yellow used on the S1 Elise for example. On the Exige, it was the same yellow but finished in metallic. If you have a look to this website (http://www.espritfactfile.com/paintcodes.html) you will see the B36 is named New Lotus Yellow (Spice). As the only difference seems to be the plain or metallic criteria, I think people talk about Norfolk Mustard but the right name on the S1 Exige is Spice Yellow. I'm not completely confident with this so I don't update my website at the moment. If you have an
  2. Many thanks Tim, I answered you by email. Here is a quick chart (not visible on my website for the moment) done with the colour repartition. You can see that New Aluminium is the most common colour with 162 cars (27% of the total), followed by the Mustard Yellow. I don't know which colours are ranked 3 and 4 in the Exige production. Chrome Orange is number 5, Lotus Racing Green number 8. I know that a single car was produced in Solid Racing Green, probably a specific order. To produce this chart, I need informations on certificate of provenance. If anybody has one concerning a
  3. Many thanks for your post and your email, I've added the new details in my table 👍
  4. Thanks! I get more informations day after day. I'm also looking to make a colour chart of the production. Precious informations are on provenance certificate from Lotus. If anyone has one to share, at least the colours datas, it will really helps me!
  5. Yes, I already have a look to exiges.com 👍 For sure, I'll not share the complete VIN of any car. I only share the last 3 digits (the number of the car), the year, the original colour, the actual engine, the drive position, the country where the car was initially sold and the last know country.
  6. Hello everybody, I published yesterday an article talking about the Exige S1. You can access it by following this link: https://www.111racers.com/gamme-lotus/la-gamme-exige/lotus-exige-s1/ It's in French (sorry 😇) but it could interest you because I have made a big register containing 235 cars at the moment. If you want to help the research, you can reach a form at the bottom of the page and share informations on cars you may know. You could also give me informations directly here: VIN or at least 4 last digits: S C C G A 1 1 1 _ _ H _ 8 _ _ _ _ Model-year (di
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