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  1. Thanks Matt, i've joined up, any excuse to get out driving.
  2. Love reading this thread, thanks for taking the time to do it.
  3. Rushes outside to try that number...........:)
  4. The ever helpful Paul from PJS is sourcing the code I need from Lotus, like you say, he just needed to see a copy of my V5 to get the process started. So, hopefully this will give someone a laugh...The paperwork that came with my car was including a Cobra installation certificate complete with the numbers 8186 on it...got to be the pin code right? Many,many,many attempts later to try to re program a new remote using the code and the penny finally drops... 8186 is the feckin alarm type....what a doomer...
  5. Apologies, only just seen the reply above, waiting for the pin code from Lotus, once I get this and it works I'll update with the very embarrassing reason I wasn't having any success . Thanks for taking the time to reply . Paul.
  6. Well PJS gets a big thumbs up from me. Friendly and knowledgeable sums up everyone I dealt with. Car drives spot on. Will definitely return and would have no hesitation recommending based on my experience .
  7. Car is a 2006 111R with factory fit Cobra alarm, only had one remote so trying to code a second. Can someone just read through this please to see if I'm missing something as I can't get this to work despite following the instructions. 1. Unlock car with original remote and put key in ignition, turn ignition on so alarm stays disarmed while I press and hold both buttons on the new remote and the original until the tell tale stops flashing then goes out. 2.Turn ignition off and on three times, after the last off wait for the red light in the cluster to go solid then
  8. I had a 450 Chimaera, had it for seven years, did a full body off nut and bolt job on it. Have you had one/still have one?
  9. Not at all, it was one of the things I enjoyed about TVR ownership, the people...I'm glad Lotus ownership has started out the same way for me. Cheers Paul.
  10. That was such a good shout, thanks very much for that, spoke to Simon who stopped what he was doing to listen to my sad tale of a missing carpet bobbin, didn't laugh and tell me to get a life, instead went off and found one, sent me a picture to be sure it was the correct one then wouldn't take any money for it. What a total gent.
  11. Enjoyed reading that, I have to agree with you, its the one area lacking in my 111R, the sound it makes. Its high up on my list of things to attend to. I take it because this is a bespoke exhaust you got to specify the look of it too? Would be very interested in seeing it fitted to your car if you could oblige with a photo? Cheers Paul.
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can buy one of these individually? Its the grey coloured plastic head, the male part that screws into the captive base and secures the floor mat in a S2 Elise. Cheers Paul.
  13. Your advice is exactly what Paul at PJS has just said on the phone, makes perfect sense. Thanks again for the recommendation for PJS, friendly and helpful on the phone, always a good sign. Its booked in for a check later on in the month and any adjustments needed if its out of factory spec. Cheers Paul.
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