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  1. Hi Phil, No problems. I''ve forwarded the document and hope you find it useful. Just confirm that you received it, ok 👍
  2. Mr Will, I need your email address to fwd a copy..... it's 16 pages!
  3. Hello Ollie, I plan to do it with family later this year. If you like I have a 16 page document prepared by a cousin with Scottish connections on places of interest and in particular independent hotels on and off the route. If you're interested reply with your email address and I'll forward it to you.
  4. A Very Merry Christmas to One and All!
  5. Would you like your Lotus featured in a brand campaign for Lotus Cars? We're looking for members who can supply one of the following next week: Series 1 Elise Series 1 Esprit Elan Sprint or an early Elan Evora GT410 If the answer is yes; your car wo
  6. Finally received number plate decals & finished KPU 396C!
  7. Does that qualify as essential shopping? Just curious 😊
  8. You'll have fun making the circuit on your lawn!
  9. Cheers! Good luck with it anyway. 👍
  10. Er, why not just do the frames, you'll use alot less paint! 🤔
  11. Thanks Man! I guess I'll get my enamel paints on order & get round to painting my model Elise!
  12. Well, I've been out for a drive in the Peak District. Amazing number of people out walking!
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