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  2. Simply stunning ……………………….
  3. Let’s see them ......
  4. Thanks for replies πŸ‘
  5. Good afternoon.. I hope everyone is keeping well..... Can anyone recommend where to have the brake calipers on my 220 Sport painted please and what would you expect to pay? (I’m based in the Peak District) Thank you
  6. I would also recommend PJS..Authorised Lotus Service Centre πŸ‘
  7. Thank you. I’m finding the battery on my 220 sport discharges after couple of weeks... maybe I should start using it more 😁
  8. Hi. Thank you for the reply and apologies if listed in the wrong section... I have finally fulfilled a boyhood dream of owning a Lotus, so yes it’s my first. I live in the Peaks and looking forward to LIP as an owner this time ! πŸ‘
  9. Hi..Finally a Lotus Elise 220 Sport owner and newly joined MLOC. I’m really looking forward to some events this year and meeting many of you. First bit of advice please....is there an easy way of keeping the Elise on trickle charge without having to remove the front panel each time ! Thank you................
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