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  1. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Fob turned up .not going good I have a pin sent from lotus but it apears to be wrong pin. 4 same digits = strange. I'm going to check pin monday morn weve tryd to programme with this pin but no joy. Thinking ahead if it turns out i cant get a pin can i just buy another alarm unit and plug it in ? Just plug and play (unit under dash) Asuming pin comes with new unit . I would like to swap battery on my only fob but a i'm thinking best wate until i have a spare fob working.
  2. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Key sorted 5 quid.works fine. Just fob to do now.did'nt turn up today
  3. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Thankyou. You sure your not near worksop lol
  4. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Thanks mate. Do i do old andnew one at same time
  5. Mrker60

    S2 key

    I have the 4 digit pin from lotus. Anyone near worksop any good at it ? Beer token
  6. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Cheers mate. I will take my key round a few key places. Hope its that easy. Bit worried about programme on new fob.think you have to do both together.
  7. Mrker60

    S2 key

    Hi.anyone know where i can buy a blank ignition key ? Ive got a spare fob on order so will need to programe that i have my code from lotus. Car only came with one fob and key so wanting a new spare set
  8. I would like to give a massive thumbs up to pjs lotus at burton on trent. My car comes come back today in 35 years of car ownership I have never known such a nice place to deal with. You can ring anytime and you never get that "its him again feeling" Prices good and work done fantastic. Workshop pristine . Paul and his team weldone mate.
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