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  1. Yes .if i sit in a good position for the clutch. My arms are like i'm hugging a barrel. I'v put spacers in today loads better wish seat reclined though
  2. Cheers.did 5 mm recline the seat a lot. What spacers did you use ? Thanks mate
  3. Hi.I would like to recline my seat . If i get the seat in the best clutch posistion I feel like i,'m sat up strate. It would be perfect if i could recline a bit any options maybe longer bolts with some spacers at front ? If i got the ideal position i could get a mate to cnc 2 spacers with a slope to them ?
  4. All removed.new blutooth hifi in. Just fitting a usb socket.then rebuild
  5. Puzzle sorted. Its a old gps trakker with a battery backup incase the car battery is removed or flat
  6. Both fobs now connected 😎
  7. 99% sure its a old trakker system. That motorola bit connected is a old gps unit. Anyways its coming out with old radio.
  8. Any idea what a small battery is for deep within dash on ns.Could it be to self power the alarm ?I did have a old gps tracker lead there.Ive ad to remove my dash to get to alarm box (needed serial number)as lotus had wrong pin on there system that bit sorted now.
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