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  1. Mrker60


    I sent them a mail. Not sure what seats and few bits of carpets would cost. Like you say may be better just using this summer ive only had her 2 month. Then decide after summer
  2. Mrker60


    Hi. I have a tan with black edges seats and tan carpet. I would prefer a black interior I was thinking getting my seats re trimmed along with carpets. I just wondered if i see any black seats forsale are the s1 and s2 the same but i think i prefer retrim option not in any big rush . Need cambelt done first
  3. Mrker60


    Thanks.do the actual seats differ. Ie both fit same runners.
  4. Mrker60


    Hi.are elise s1 seats the same as s2 fittings etc
  5. Thankyou andrew i'm at dinnington
  6. I buy the paper and jack. You pop round and show me how to set it all up.😁
  7. Thankyou. I have a better idea ?
  8. Sorry ment to say also. To use the a4 backup idea do any trays need taking off ?
  9. Thankyou. That is a brill reply.I only need to do one wheel at a time.as i can only get to one side anyway in my garage. I only need a few hours per corner and i would not be leaving it.ie get job done and on to next one.then turn car round. So if i get a good trolley jack with a nice top and just for belts and braces get the paper blocks but not really using them to hold the car . Just another thought my garage floor is on a slight slope is that a issue with trolley jack wheels . Thankyou
  10. Ok mate.a4s it is as back up. Thankyou
  11. Thinking ime better doing one at a time using just the jack.
  12. Hi.I want to refresh the paint on my calipers if I use the jacking point. Is there anywere i can put a axle stand as i do each corner leaving the jack in situ.
  13. Yea only about 30 mon away
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