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  1. 😄 Haha your right. Havnt collected yet but be sure to take some when I do 😊
  2. Thanks guys. No not an academy car. Only done a few hundred miles between services most of the mileage was done in the first month. I'm told it was just owned by Hethel and was just a car they kept there but not a track or press car. Managers car or something like that. Done just over 2,000 miles. Was considering one of the most gen cars for the added aero but with the newer car at least get warranty and that open gated shifter so no real wrong answer for me. Well excited to do my first track day.
  3. Update. So I closed the deal last week on a 68 plate low mileage Daytona blue 250 that was Factory owned. Seems good value so went for it before it came to market. Should pick up next month once PPF sorted otherwise cant wait to own and drive my First lotus! Everyone Inhave spoken to at Lotus have been very good and seems to share the passion for cars and driving, very refreshing experience so far, long may it continue😁
  4. Youll have to teach me your ways, the market is worse than 2016 (in my opinion anyway) and best I have got is jus £3k off on 50/50 or 5k off on finance. This is for stock cars too and not a factory order. Still shopping around to see whos motivated. I know that of course 50/50 fianace is a cost but pretty sure you cant descriminate on selling price based on how its funded. Anyway no hurry my end as we are just starting winter but still ready for the right deal should it appear.
  5. Thanks Guys, being new to Lotus not sure how much dealers are ready to move as will be a factor in the purchase, 7k seems very good. To loose 7k over 2 1/2 years with the benefit of having a new car isnt too bad at all (have lost way more in the past ) but like most cars they are a depreciating assest. With regards to colour I really dont mind, they all look good, not sure if some have better reale than others, slight preference for a louder colour but its thedrive that intrests me most. Always seems strange to talk about selling when buying but I guess we all do it as got to look at overall cost of owner ship and affordability. I know if I spend less I will feel less guilty and have more money for track days . All your experiences are very useful in building a picture of what to expect so I thank you for sharing.
  6. So decided that the 250 will suit me perfectly. Couple of nice examples around I will take a look at later this month. Still looking at a factory order too as the allure of 50/50 finance is useful as is warranty etc. Im aware the car market is struggling, as are most markets to be fair, and a cup250 is a niche car from a niche supplier. What if any discounts are people getting from dealerships? I have spoken to a few but the car is hard to justify spending over 50k on its where my head starts to take over. Some cars I have seen for sale since the summer! Donst inspire a lot of confidence to part with hard earned cash, however Lotus is not mass market so should take longer. Im pretty confident I will be joing the lotus fold soon for the first time in a 250 just dont know which one
  7. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/elise-s3/lotus-elise-s-cup-250--toxic-green--low-mileage--full-history--fantastic-condition/10034092 ...tempting😁
  8. That does look great Dunc, and thanks for your perspective. I guess it all comes down to price. An older 250 with the closed shifter would still suit me fine as long as the price is right. One thing I do know from my short time in the Elise and the 220 cup on track is that they are very capable cars and very enjoyable. Looking forward to have one in the garage.
  9. That looks stunning, congrats! Can I ask when we are saying huge discounts what should I be aiming for? Some really valid points being made so thank you all. If I could pick up a decent used one sub between 35-40k then I would be happy with that indeed.
  10. thats really helpful information Jonathan. I am unlikely to use the car much in the next few months but should a deal present itself then I might as well. As with yourself I should be a little stronger finacially come February and I enjoy a little cooper S for the potting around in and a 1m coupe for a bit more of the B road stuff so happy to wait. Rumours of a new Lotus for 2020 or at least an announcment or perhaps an updated Elise will also make a brand new Elise perhaps not the best decision. I was looking at the spec sheets between the 220 and the 250 and there really isnt much different between them. It dosnt appear that the 250 benefits from any aditional cooling or breaking upgrades over the 220 and manily just a bump in power and aero seem to be the major differences with some adjustment to spring rating. In some respects it makes the 250 harder to justiy. Ulitimately just want a reliable car I can have alot of fun in on track and on the road and then just drive back home afterwards without any issues. I would very much love to fall in love and keep it long term. I have also consdier slightly older 220's and 250's but they are missing that open gated shifter and still alot of cars seems to me asking mid to late 30's minimum and when you factor in warranty and ware and tear, a new one is looking better value. I will be keeping an eye out on new CUP250's and any dealers ready to shift as you mentioned I imagine the inscentive over a factory order is likely to be greater since it will be depreciating on their forecourt. All your first hand perspectives are much appreciated.
  11. Thanks Dean and everyone for the warm welcome. Peak district dosunds like a great idea and if I get my Lotus (which I probably will) then I would love to join. Sounds like Aircon and big brakes are my 2 must haves. Will give connor a shout and mention the MLOC. The 50/50 is still running so makes me lean on a factory order as makes more financial sense. Will report back after my test drive on the 350 but think the 250 will be perfect if I am lucky enough.
  12. thanks Jonathan and Martin. Will check our SELOC as suggested Martin thanks! I also didnt think about the demisting side of things for the A/C so good point. If the Elise comes with a standard/ basic player than that will suit me fine, cant see the point in buying a £400 one when I hear its not that great anyway, could always upgrade later. Might as well bite the bullet on teh hard top if I end up doing a factory order. I know that the car market is a little slow right now and wondered how lotus dealerships are with discounts. I have seen some ready made sport 350s with huge discounts, dosnt seem to happen as much on the Elise. Been browing for a number of months but very much closer to buying now. Still happy to look at the back catalogues of Elises, what drew me to the CUP250 is that it is purpose made for the track and will have a 2 year warranty to back that up. After pouring loads into other cars Im getting tired of spending so much repairing and upgrading when I want to be just enjoying it and maintaining them. I am still open to tyeh Lotus back catalogue as power is very similar just no idea what models are best for say 8-10 track days a year? On a side note, anyone use the forum on TapTalk app? I always find it alot easier but for some reason it wont let me login .
  13. Just thought I woudl say hi. Active on other forums and always found them to be a great like minded commuinity. Like most here (if not all) I love my cars and driving which has naturally lead me to Lotus. I enjoy track driving and wanted something relatively cost affective to run, capable and reliable and hoping Lotus maybe the answer. I started looking at used Lotuses but went for a test drive in a Sport220 Elise and found it very enjoyable indeed. I also managed to blag a pasenger ride in a 220 Cup and was impressed with the grip and that was after coming directly from a Porsche GT4. This had led me to seriously consider a cup250. I am a big fan of the new open gated shifter which is looks great, but more importantly has such a beautfiul short mechanical shift. At around 50k its a lot of money (for me anyway) for what is essentially a toy and it will be my 3rd car. Dosnt seem to much difference between new and used 250s so newer seems better value although still open to used cars. I dont think I could look at teh CUP250 withough considering a SPORT350 so booked a test drive for next month to help with the decision making but feel like the 250 maybe more 'me' as smaller and lighter but would love to hear about others experiences. I have specced a new 250 and quite hard being new to Lotus to see what comes with the car as standard, plus there is no configorator, but here are my thoughts and interested in others experiences: - I can see that there is a £400 option for a bluetooth stero, is this essential? Does it come with a standard radio if it isnt specced? Not bothered about audio so would rather put it towards other options just trying not to get carried away. - Being a CUP car im thinking not to get AIR-CON and get the 2 piece brakes instead, or is this a bad idea for resale? No idea how much weight Aircon adds (not that I am likely to notice anyway) and perhaps the standard breaks are perfectly fine for Track days and perhaps upgrad once oe set have been done? Would be very intested in anyones experiences. - Love the carbon but seems like if you do a bit of carbon you might as well do all the carbon which is way too much money for me to justify. Be quite happy I think with the stock Alcantra pack and think car looks great in any colour so cant really see the point in going crazy with the options. Would like a hard top roof for certain times of the year, is this better/ cheaper to buy aftermarket? With Lotus being a smaller community than others infomation has been less available, but do hope to join the fold soon and share my own experiences and join in with some events.
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