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  1. Hi all latest update on S2 door seals, I have now received a quote. As you can imagine, tooling costs and minimum order come at a considerable cost. However, I would be able to supply the seals as a pair for £150 including postage and packaging (parcel force express 48, should anyone require, signed for or special delivery, then an additional cost). Postage accounts for approx £15 of the cost, so for anybody close enough to me willing to collect £135 a pair. So, effectively each seal comes in at £67.50 which I think is pretty competitive. I am keen to go ahead with this if I have enough interest from you guys, delivery time from the point of me placing an order is 14-16 weeks, a fairly long time but the company has to do a considerable amount of tooling work. So, what do you all think?
  2. Ollie Many thanks for your interest. i was in contact with the prospective manufacturer a couple of days ago chasing them for a response, they promised to get back to me ASAP regarding tooling costs and price. It's certainly doable, by Xmas I doubt it as it all takes time. At the moment my left window is sealed up with gorilla tape as I,m in no rush to go out and spend a small fortune on just one seal. As soon as I get some news I will certainly post. As said I,m not in it to make a fortune, if it covers my costs and a few beer I will be happy, it will be good to help us s2 owners out. i have instructed them that I would like them to produce the seals approx 20mm longer than the sample they have in order that prospective buyers can cut to the dimension required for their own car, probably because I can't see that any two Elise's have the same dimension to the nearest mill. Hopefully this should not pose too much of a problem. fingers crossed.
  3. Ollie, I have had the rubber analysed (brother is a polymer scientist). He introduced me to an extrusion specialist company who now have the sample seal and are evaluating it. I hope to hear soon how much it will cost to tool up, initial batch quantity required and cost per pair. What makes the seal more complicated and expensive to produce is the end boot that wraps around the door, since it's two mouldings (mirror images for left and right sides) then the vulcanising to the seals themselves. I,ve got my fingers crossed I can get this off the ground but they've got to come in considerably cheaper than what's currently available. That said, I am still hopeful.
  4. MattyB You are right, it has been discussed and yes there is considerable investment involved, but if enough people are interested and the market is there I am willing to make the investment. I,m not looking to make a fortune out of it, if the venture pays for the replacement of my seals and a few beers I will be happy. I am currently waiting for a response from my contact as regards do ability ( its not quite a straightforward moulding), cost per unit and order sizes, and I am expecting a five figure sum. I am however hopeful we can get it off the ground. thanks for you response, all feedback appreciated.
  5. Hi I am currently looking at the possibility of getting a number of Elise s2 door waist seal made up. I have sought a manufacturer that is able to produce but requires considerable investment in tooling and getting first batch in stock. This all came about after trying to source a seal for my S2 111, difficult to find and crazy prices. Also believe the same seals can be used on the Vauxhall vx220. would anybody out there be interested, will be trying to get them on the market for less than £150 for a pair, not for each one! Any feedback would be appreciated.
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