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  1. Alas im no expert with the knowledge, but it has the sports and touring pack fitted Also looking to add harnesses but those Schroth one's are expensive considering there for looks more than FIA requirments. I hope there will be some offers at Autosport for Harnesses and maybe a Helmet for the odd track day .
  2. My Laser Blue Beauty, never looked at any other colour bar black and greys until I happened across this and fell in love instantly.
  3. Hi folks I thought I should join up and join in. Having purchased a nice S2 Exige S a few months ago, I would be interested in any local meets, drives out and general get togethers with the like minded. Planning on attending the Lotus in the Peak, also going to Le Mans 24h so any advice on routes, camping, hotels greatly received. I have only been on a coach trip before so driving there will be a new experience and what better way than listening to that supercharger whine for mile after mile after Mmmmm Train ? This weekend Sunday, I shall be going to Autosport show if any one else is going in their Lotus from the Derby area I may see you there or on route. I will be in my Exige grinning from ear to ear !
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