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  1. Thanks again Phil. Look out for a metallic cherry red series 2 Elise Reg S11 TTX at Lotus in the Peak 2020 . I owe you one ! all the best John
  2. Many thanks Phil . My Son has a metallic cherry red series 2 Elise. I’ll get his Reg no and send it to you so that you can look out for us at Lotus in the Peak 2020 Thanks again and very best wishes John
  3. Hi Phil you absolute star ! That would be brilliant! Please can you email the jpeg to me at thedesignstudio@badgemaster. co.uk Massive thanks ill buy you a drink at Lotus in the Peak 2020 Cheers John
  4. Hello. i am trying to buy a Lotus in the Peak 2017 poster. Please can anyone help me ? Many thanks and fingers crossed John
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