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  1. Neilshannon27

    Ctek... Which one?

    Cheers for the info. I've gone with the CTEK MXS 5.0 Showing as £70 reduced to £60 now but when I ordered it Saturday it was reduced to £50 so didn't do to bad... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FC42HAA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UI4pDbR0EKE25
  2. Neilshannon27

    Speed bumps

    Just wondering... How do you find the elise with speed bumps, I have gone over a couple very slowly and its been fine but they do look scary when you're that low to the ground! Just wondering what the ground clearance is like with standard suspension compared to a standard car. Has anyone hit any speed bumps where you hear the horrible scrape. There are some horrible speed bumps where I work and on a nice day I might just decide to take Ellie but gonna have to park her before I hit the bumps as I think she will scrape
  3. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    In all honesty it could well be but the guy I bought it off has been kind enough to take it back and refund me less the postage costs so I got lucky. I have purchased another one now off eBay that is the right one this time (well I hope so anyway)
  4. Neilshannon27

    Ctek... Which one?

    Need to get one soon to be fair but will keep an eye for them as for that price it's worth getting one as a spare
  5. Neilshannon27

    Ctek... Which one?

    Cheers mate, I'll have a look 👍
  6. Neilshannon27

    Ctek... Which one?

    Afternoon all, Need to purchase a Ctek for Ellie (the lotus). I never needed o e before now and when searching on Google there seems to be a lot of choice! Can anyone give me some recommendations, models that they use and work well please? looking for one with quick detachable cable and also can you get extensions leads for them? Cheers Neil
  7. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    Thanks, make me feel a bit better I guess
  8. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    Cheers mate, I'll give it a try 👍
  9. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    Hi Jonathan, I have and the garage I bought it from chased the previous owner and he swears blind he never had one and he only ever had a hard top. Can believe we have this weather and I have no soft top, knowing my luck I'll find one and summer will be over! There is one on ebay for 580, might just bite the bullet and get it but it seems so expensive 😔
  10. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    OK made a massive and expensive mistake and bought the soft top with the tails 🙈 Shame as its in really good condition! Anyone out there looking for one as I now have one for sale. I have contacted the seller to see if he will take it back but I doubt it. Anyone got an S2 soft top for sale (short, no tails) please let me know
  11. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    Cheers mate - I did just find one on ebay for £380 so snapped it up. - thanks for the welcome 👍
  12. Neilshannon27

    Need a soft top

    Hi everyone, Just found out my new car I am collecting tomorrow does not have a soft top included - does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one from for a good price please? 🙏 Lotus Elise S2 111s 2004
  13. Neilshannon27

    New Here...

    Cheers mate, Oh I plan to use Gav in the future for everything else but wanna keep the service stamps in the book from authorised Lotus specialists as that's what it's full of. From what I've read Gav is very knowable about these car so will be getting him to do most things on the car. The car would go to him for servicing too if it wasn't for the reason above but after a year or so of owning the car you never know I probably will throw caution to the wind and just get Gav to do it for me.
  14. Neilshannon27

    New Here...

    Thanks timbo
  15. Neilshannon27

    Back with a bang...

    Ah man, so close, it doesn't let you stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, you have to connect it via USB. The blue tooth is only for phone calls 😔

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