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  1. Yeah not a bad idea although the fit was quite tight I doubt it will come out unless pulled hard
  2. Wow what a build mate 👍🏼
  3. Hi all, Looking for recommendations for somewhere to sort out the roof lining on my hard top before I start using it in the winter again. It is all sagging down and I can feel it rubbing on my head when it's on which is very annoying. Trying to find somewhere local to Birmingham/Wolverhampton/Telford area. Or is there a guide to DIY on here someone can point me to? Thanks
  4. I have a K series if you struggle with a refund 👍🏼
  5. Very nice! Congratulations 👍🏼
  6. Little video in action VID_20190830_170430.mp4
  7. OK so rather than pay loads of money to tarmac the drive as I am looking to move within the next year I thought I would try and create a drainage system. Bought some 8mm rubber grommets with a 4mm inner circle for some 4mm tubing. And then drilled 2 holes right at the back and ran the tubes down to pop out in that gap just above the number plate (pictures only show one hole at the top but I put 2 in quite close to each other) will have to wait for some rain now and see if it works.
  8. I have had a look this morning and guessing the holes are for the drainage but rubber seal has a massive slit in it which can't be helping, think I will need to put some sealant on it and around the plastic screws too
  9. I can't mate, the back wheels just spin and spit stones everywhere
  10. Sorry for the poor picture, taken from my ring doorbell
  11. Issue I have is that I have to park nose up. Its on a stone drive and is deep at the top so if I park ass up the back wheels just digs in and buries itself 😔 Need to find a fix for this somehow
  12. Thanks will do, do you have have a picture of where the drain holes are? Also when you say seal them, can you do it with that black rubber sealant stuff you can buy from halfords? Yeah I might have to buy a less powerful pressure washer 😔
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