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  1. Might have to bight the bullet and folk out for one
  2. Definitely keep us posted 👍🏼
  3. they do look good, it's just the price of it just to hold my coffee!
  4. Has a raw feel to it now, plus it matches the doors 😂
  5. It's not come out bad at all, it will do for now until I can find a place to properly retrim it. At least the liner won't be flapping on my head now when I open the window..
  6. Bit of heat and a lot of rubbing, it's not coming out half bad ☺
  7. Finally got around to pealing off the saggy roof lining. Not sure whether to get it re-trimmed or clean it up and just spray it blue to match the car 🤔
  8. Nice, must have been a nice feeling of accomplishment when it flew through the mot.
  9. Amazing work fella and seeing it in the flesh on Sunday was a treat, something you should be very proud about, you have rebuilt a blinder of a car. 1 trillion man points!
  10. I'll be interested in a pair 👍🏼
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