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  1. All sorted .Whipped the diffuser off and drilled and tapped a larger thread .
  2. Many thanks to all . Regards
  3. Hello , Does anyone know at what temperature the rad cooling fans cut in ? Toyota engine . Regards
  4. I have this problem .I don't fancy drilling out the rivnut so thought I might put another rivnut in adjacent to the offending item .Have looked in the manual and there looks to be nothing in the way .Will probably do the same thing on the other side as they seem to be a weak point . Has anyone else gone down this route ?
  5. Many thanks , much appreciated . Regards
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323884426853?ViewItem=&item=323884426853 If anyone is thinking of buying one of these for a Toyota engined S2 Elise be aware that this manual only deals with the K series version . I bought one .I pointed out this unclear advert to the seller but he doesn't give a toss . Regards
  7. Great stuff . Many thanks . Crinkle.
  8. Hello , Does anyone know where the aircon charging valve is on an Elise S2 ? Regards Crinkle.
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