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  1. Anyone recommend a breathable outdoor car cover for an early S2? Thanks P.
  2. 👍🏻 I was going to say the same, although I have it in PDF format. How many S2 K Series do we have in Midlands Lotus? (Sry, thread hijack)
  3. Just back from a weekend in Gairloch in July, 1,000 miles in two days. didn’t see anywhere selling anything above 95 Ron, K Series S2 so wasn’t a bother for me. I did have concerns and filled up as often as I could, but was surprised how many places were even open on a Sunday. Absolutely a must do though, some of the best driving roads in the world (slightly bias being born in Scotland) no speed camera, virtually no traffic police.
  4. Is the roof definitely an S2 long tail as oppose to an S1? I’ve got an S2 long tail and the soft top seems impossible to find in good condition. Lovely looking car, and welcome to Elise ownership!!! Edit for info: S1 has an Allen key tensioner, whereas the S2 has a plastic lug that is tensioned with an inbuilt lever. Also the the S2 has short support bars that run front to back, the S1 has longer bars that run side to side. S1 has poppers and separate bars across the windows, S2 roof is fixed to the window bars. Sorry easier with photos, but it’s raining. ☔️
  5. I’ve got a S2 K Series with 98k on the clock and I had similar issues of running cold. I assumed thermostat was stuck open and ended up taking it to Gav at Unit 4. Gav kindly replaced the thermostat, and examined the thermostat after removal, no sign of it being stuck. However he did suggest that the spring keeping it closed wasn’t holding much pressure and the water pump could just push it open. Swapped for an 88 degree thermostat and temp has been rock solid since. Hopefully not related to HGF....this car is costing me enough at the moment as the exhaust has just fallen off!!
  6. I’d say M5x1.0x10 as an estimate. trying to find a tapered head M5 bolt and an M5 copper washer was proving difficult, so glad she found the original
  7. Found it!! Well rather my girlfriend found it....result.
  8. Cheers mate, much appreciated.
  9. Anyone know what size the engine side coolant bleed screw is? (S2 K Series) or where to source one? In a rush this morning, had to bleed some air out of the system and lost the bolt!! managed to find a short capped head bolt to block the hole, but don’t want to torque up in case it’s too long and I strip the threads. Thanks Paul
  10. So I’ve just bought a replacement bung....oh well, doh. Good info as always. 👍🏻
  11. Thanks, will give this a try. 👍🏻
  12. I had read that the S2 only used one sensor, but mine definitely has a black and a blue one fitted. Im fully preparing for skinned knuckles and lots of swearing to change this thermostat. 😬
  13. I’m guessing the reading from the OBDII socket will be brown sensor (ECU)...this matches the Stack Dash read out. Very little heat coming from heater. All good info, thanks. Definitely need to check my grounds anyway. Once I’ve worked out how to stop the alarm going off, every time I disconnect the terminal...
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