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  1. I did think about trying to bend the arm. Ended up exchanging it for a traditional sprung blade that is doing the job. Bosch SP24S Thanks for advice.
  2. Seems I may need a different wiper arm, part number A117MO105F anyone done this swap? Well seems I already have the updated arm as it’s a u-shaped hook design and the AR24U fits but just doesn’t clear the screen.
  3. Just fitted a Bosch AR24U wiper blade as recommended on various sites. It’s not clearing the screen in the centre of the blade, googling found someone else with similar issue, but not found a solution. Any recommendations?
  4. Anyone recommend a breathable outdoor car cover for an early S2? Thanks P.
  5. 👍🏻 I was going to say the same, although I have it in PDF format. How many S2 K Series do we have in Midlands Lotus? (Sry, thread hijack)
  6. Just back from a weekend in Gairloch in July, 1,000 miles in two days. didn’t see anywhere selling anything above 95 Ron, K Series S2 so wasn’t a bother for me. I did have concerns and filled up as often as I could, but was surprised how many places were even open on a Sunday. Absolutely a must do though, some of the best driving roads in the world (slightly bias being born in Scotland) no speed camera, virtually no traffic police.
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