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  1. Adtmits


    As said looks very nice and rather promising!
  2. Very nice! Silver works well on the Cup. Hope he enjoys it - I do wish my Dad had the Lotus bug! I am not sure on these generic backgrounds Lotus Dealers are using - they’ look terrible imho!!
  3. Re having an indoor cover, it does depend on how you use your garage and the type. Ours is a 50s garage, so the roof gives up a some dust. We also have a "thoroughfare" at the side to appliances at the back of the garage so the cover reduces the risk of accidental scratching and any UV via the window. For me it also looks pretty awesome and taking it off to drive feels a nice thing to do! Re external covers, I can see the value as I stored my S2 Elise, Exige and S3 Eixge outside. The exterior trim deteriorates quicker and the rad fans dont like the external, the motors become noisy e
  4. Really awesome video! Well done to all involved.
  5. Be careful with a new car, Classicline will only give you market value, where as in the first year Directline will replace your car in the event of a total loss or the price you paid. I only once paid for on the day cover and it was about 0.5% not 1% via Adrian Flux. In previous years always had it with the policy.
  6. Not many fans will begrudge LCFC the FA cup this season!
  7. Its what's awesome about Lotus! They're so similar but so different, but great both great. I still love the sprint, its uniqueness was definitely part of the attraction and in many ways it was more pure, if less developed than the 410.
  8. Thanks for the well wishes If its a long recovery you can pull straws😂
  9. Im 6ft 1" and just at the limit, so can definitely see the issue for those who are taller.
  10. Aargh... the Exige won’t be moving for next few weeks! im stuck on about 750miles due DIY and now the ankle. More effort required once it’s healed. Keeping everything crossed it’s strain and not a tear!
  11. Agreed with the above. My man maths as a (2015) Exige S and now 410 Sport owner: Carbon bits: 8-10k Charge Cooler set up: 11k Ohnlins: 4k Forged Alloys: 3k Warranty/newness: ?? Versus adding some or all of the mods to a S/350, retention on the 410 will be much better. 410s seem to dip close to £60k last summer, but have bounced back and even the examples that had been forsale for a while (other than the Oakmere 410) seem to have sold. Never one to miss a pic opportunity - Here's both of mine
  12. Looks great. On my to do list this year.
  13. I do know what you mean Pete and they're quite a few ££. But the standard dash is a little inspiring! My updgrade wish list is amazing small: 2bular - bought not fitted Rear tow srap - ditto AIM Dash GRP rear lights I think thats it!
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