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  1. Looks great. On my to do list this year.
  2. I do know what you mean Pete and they're quite a few ££. But the standard dash is a little inspiring! My updgrade wish list is amazing small: 2bular - bought not fitted Rear tow srap - ditto AIM Dash GRP rear lights I think thats it!
  3. You've made me feel a tad better about my faux pas. Waiting for the quote, no surprise it will be £400-500. Thats a third of an AIM dash in Lotus money 🙃
  4. I set my record today, which I am hoping I dont advance on in future! Picked up my shiny Discovery on Sunday. Day 5 I managed to drive clean into an invisible post. 😩 The only comfort is that it is not the Exige! There'd have been a lot more swear words.
  5. Thumbs up to the team at PJS. I had the 410's running in service completed late last week. I've used a few Lotus dealers/approved service centres over the last 15years, but more recently have used PJS to maintain my Exige S, Evora and now my 410 Exige. Friendly, personal and trust worthy service👍
  6. Very nice! Azure blue and the silver wheels is a great combo!
  7. Thanks Pete. The eldest one isnt interested, if Little Mix where seen with one, then she would be! The youngest loves the orange. I've not really stretched it, but I am more careful with her in for sure. RIS all completed yesterday, clean bill of health. I was unsure if the Geo was out, but it turned out the tyre pressures where all over the place (10psi difference!) - no idea why or how, I hadn't thought to check them. It is amazing the difference that has made!
  8. I It fits with no notable issues on the 410. You can tell the seams are for a different spoiler, but theres no sagging or pulling. Nice quality item as others have said.
  9. I do think the 570s might be the next step, but the running costs of a macca are a worry. A 911 GTS/Turbo is also on the bucket list. A friend has acquired an AMG GTR which is an interesting if rather lary drive. My car aspirations are likely to be kept in check by our next house move 🙃
  10. Definitely Dunc! I've definitely taken to it, its my first bright colour Lotus (Not counting a Yellow VX) and its helpful it is defect free with all parts present and correctly fitted😂
  11. It looks repairable to me. Given it needs a plastic weld and is already painted I dont think it needs a specialist (unless the fixings in the clam are damaged). It will be cheaper to repair - I destroyed mine and needed the re-inforcing plate too and it was around £650 for the two parts after discount.
  12. I’ve been pondering why Lotus still require a running in service, it’s not like the engine is that finely tuned 🤨I had a run out to donington this week, but she had to look on at the action. I’ve stretched the engine a couple of times briefly as per the running in guide, it’s fair to say she’s rather eager! The gamble on the 350 cover from a felllow Member paid off which was rather a relief 😅 it’s a nice quality thing made by prestige. RIS is booked for Friday 9th at PJS and I can’t wait for the drive home and to attend some of the club runs out. 🙂
  13. I now have Nick's cover, but it says roadster covers on it? Was this yours Dave? I am yet to try on the Exige as it needs the dust washing off, so cant confirm if it fits the 410!
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