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  1. Thanks for the extra replies... they’ll do look great!
  2. I'd want to have a really good look at this one before buying if it were mine. 1. I was at Donington in the summer and there was a red 410 being tracked hard, really hard. It was the same colour combo, but had plates removed so cant be sure it is the same. 2. Its definitely ex-Lotus Management (The plate gives it away as the AU19BKV- Evora and AU19BKA - Exige are press cars). My experience of the Evora at Hoffmanns (and my own purchase) is that they aren't the best built.
  3. Very nice. Great colour and the Big Aero is stunning! Must be the same one Oakmere retailed in early 2019?
  4. Would be great to see the clio too!
  5. Thanks for sharing. They look nice👍 I cant decide on the garage flooring, so then struggling to decide on a colour😂
  6. Hello from a fellow stokie (well 10years+ of living in SoT)
  7. Thanks for sharing Thats very nice!
  8. interested to see what people have and your rate them?
  9. Looking great Scott 👍 I see your old Evora has found a new home too.
  10. Welcome Luke. I have fond memories of my 111R. Loved driving it hard and the cam change was great. Lots of fun and very rewarding. Do share a few pictures!
  11. I’ve done 50m today - but they were pretty exciting as she can now be stored in the garage 😃 It’s taken four days of work to clear down the old greenhouse, erect a new shed, move 5years worth of rubbish to the skip or shed and a few chickens moved to their new home too. Beer time 🍺🍺 IMG_5035.MP4
  12. There is no doubt that nice stock priced correctly is moving. It would seem most Lotus dealers have low used stock levels.
  13. Might be worth a haggle on the private one? It would probably trade at 35k, so depends how keen the vendor is to sell.
  14. Great choice. New boots always feels nice!
  15. ^ That picture makes the chassis look so long! Whats the plans with it?
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