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  1. Allon white have always been recommended for trimming. I've never used them personally, but worth a try given they are a Lotus approved Service Centre too.
  2. This is where the differences start to appear, the FSE will give repair advice or consent to a return to factory return for remediation. I have stated that the repair process is irrelevant to my rejection, though I can see how it is relevant to resolution between the retailer and Lotus. Once I formalised matters, the retailer has been engaging and communication has been solid. I've had Zero comms from Lotus and I have seen correspondence involving senior Lotus management. It would seem that the noise/creaking from the bulkhead requires a fairly substantial strip and rebuild ( i.e clam, windscreen removal - but I am speculating to an extent here ?if it is the chassis). After two dash removals Lotus would not authorise any further repair without an FSE visit, which is understandable, but not a 4-6week wait. Some of the other issues have no repair agreed, for example there is no part number for one of the items that requires replacing and it will need to be completed in a bodyshop. One aspect that amazes me still, unless a matter is a safety related, Lotus retailers/repairers are to only respond to warranty fixes if the customer raises the matter - so zero ability to be pro-active.
  3. Hi Pete, It was collected yesterday. The supplying dealer is essentially attempting to back their risk off to Lotus, which isn't unreasonable, but ultimately my contract is with the dealer. So next step is the FSE visit. I do expect a push at some stage to accept a return, but all parties are clear on my expectations and I know Lotus are in receipt of the rejection correspondence which has lots of detail.
  4. I'll avoid naming the dealer for now Dave, the Evora was supplied with 340 miles on the clock. It was built for the FD of Lotus who departed weeks after receiving the car hence the low miles. I know what the outcome would be if I produced something of equivalent quality for my FD. Andy is the FSE who is unable to travel due to Covid restrictions, I was prepared to leave it for over 72hrs before inspection etc, but no, I need to wait at least 4 weeks before any further repairs are approved.
  5. Its definitely dented my trust and I've a few friends with german cars giving me the "I told you so"! I think I am in for a long few months, but I've made my expectations clear and I do believe I've been more than fair. Its been in for repair 3 times for >20 of the 90 days I have owned it a alongside been unusable for a further 14days. I can live with odds bits of trim taking longer than they should to arrive. But not the alarm going off incessantly for the first 7days of ownership, water ingress resulting in a stale and smelly interior, unresolved body/chassis issues including the whole dash being removed twice and more recent mechanical issues. I've had over ten individual issues in 700miles. No replacement vehicles and an offer to swap out for the same model went unanswered. A suggested solution was for it to go back to factory to have various elements rebuilt and a full QA check. Price point is an issue for sure with all above needing the context of price point of £72k. I thought it would be amazing to own an an essentially new lotus, now I will be pleased not to look at it on the drive after 1030am tomorrow. I'd even started to doubt what was a fault and what was in my mind I do feel like I am being disloyal to a brand I am passionate about, but Lotus can only continue to exist if people buy new/nearly new cars. Build, sales and factory support have simply not been good enough.
  6. A quick and intentionally scant update whilst i can still post on the topic 😕 I collected the Evora on Saturday and unfortunately a number of the items were not fixed (absolutely no criticism due to PJS, who couldn't have done more). It goes back to the supplying dealer on Thursday and come what may I wont be having it back. The defects from manufacturer are rather alarming, lightweight and handbuilt are not acceptable excuses for poor assembly, missing parts and lack of quality control. The lack of Lotus engagement compounds the sense of disappointment as a committed owner to the brand. My exige has sold, so no way I can have it back which adds a little to the frustration. I'll be back in a Lotus at some stage in future and perhaps a slightly older purchase that has had the issues ironed out.
  7. Good suggestion Pete.. Dunc is going to submit it. It's a great photo as you say 👍
  8. Adtmits

    It's Here...

    Very very nice! Enjoy the running phase and being able to gradually stretch the engine
  9. That sums it up nicely! There’s definitely no logic behind it. Part of this decision was having a ‘new Lotus’. I did know the exige had got under my skin and it was always going to be a risk selling it. Fingers crossed Ray. PJS are the saving grace, I can honestly say I would have handed the keys back if it wasn’t for their service. The level of water ingress currently is more than a quirk sadly, but I am sure it can be fixed.
  10. 3 months on and I am struggling to bond with the Evora and currently think I’ve made a mistake changing from the Exige 😕. I am not 100% sure why I haven’t connected with it, part of it is definitely the defects and poor customer service from Lotus. It’s off to PJS this week for the rattling dashboard, leaks and few other bits of trim to be fixed and I am hoping that will resolve those aspects. God knows when the spare key will arrive and I remain slightly disconcerted lotus have ‘lost’ the original. There are definitely bigger problems in the world right now, but this might have been my most expensive car mistake to date! I am considering SOR’ing it, but can’t do that until the above are fixed. If they don’t get fixed, then I guess there are other options! Anyway good to download to those who might understand as the Mrs doesn’t get it at all
  11. Welcome! Stunning Cup - Im a fan of the big aero.
  12. I still cant decide whether to PPF or not! As the Evora is Starlight black its not too difficult to match. Do need to get the carbon bits done, expecially the canons (?) in the rear diffuser.
  13. For those of us with the special Lotus plaque 😂 Whose name do you have? All the cars I viewed seem to have Carl Knights! He does a lot of building it would seem!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Used on my Exige, the Evora is supplied with a lithium specific so this is for sale. Charger in as new conditon and supplied with all accessories. Willing to post.


    - GB

  15. Thanks Ray. 2 sleeps to go though...a little over 36hrs to go.
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