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  1. Thanks Ray. 2 sleeps to go though...a little over 36hrs to go.
  2. Getting a bit excited now!
  3. I know that feeling Nick. It’s DMO. The roll of the eyes from the wife is rather frequent😂 im on count down for Saturday now.
  4. It does seem to vary! I didn’t ask/wasn’t offered it by central, but to be fair I want see the paint first after other experiences. Im also undecided if to limit the PPF to the carbon bits given black is easier to match than other colours.
  5. Any recommendations for the above? Ideally in the North midlands, Staffordshire/Cheshire. I am currently considering Staffordshire care care.
  6. I also think the dealer offer is about right. Colour and 2zz-ge helps saleability rather than value add imho. Some of the mods (2bular/airbox) are desirable. I’m not sure of canard style bits for example. Depends if you have time to fix the other bits too. Do you know what your moving to next? Lotus to lotus always helps the px price when via a lotus dealer rather a trade purchase.
  7. Part of the debate was that it is the unidentical twin of my 400 and it might feel too similar.
  8. New acquisition agreed with collection next Saturday. As it’s covered c300miles and described as new/mint my expectations are rather clearer than the last purchase attempt. For those like me who enjoy the geeky lotus build specs, for some reason this car has the door cards (arm rest/pocket) belonging to the Phil popham gt410 (or 400), yet it was built after the 400 ceased production and prior to the launch of the gt410🤔.
  9. Adtmits

    Driving Academy

    Sounds great! Something to look forward to after summer for sure!
  10. I think I may have seen your exige once, assumed it wasn't local and as I hadnt seen it before. Theres a few us locally, I keep mean to encourage a Stoke meet. Disappointing to hear Alex, I'd worked on the basis of a strong reputation. I think I am done buying without viewing even if it means trekking across the country. I do struggle to understand why the items are present, its under warrranty, been in stock for a while and Lotus currently own the car. It is yet another example were it seems sales prep comes after a car is sold.
  11. Really gutted Dave and thanks for the kind comments. Currently thinking of a shopping list for the Exige. New Lotus Dash, 2bular... etc. One of the reasons for changing is that both my girls want to come out at the same time. The Evora ticks that box and not so easy to resolve with the Exige. As a family we had a nice afternoon out in Henley (weather much better than up north), so all not lost!
  12. Ah!! So the Evora purchase is off.... 😟 At least I can vent to a smaller audience on here! The condition was so disappointing! In fact really really disappointing. Some of the below will seem rather fussy, but it needs the context of price and the fact the car is less than 11 months old. - Passenger door lock faulty unwilling to consistently unlock - Both rear lights suffering from water ingress - Both rear disc bells suffering from corrosion - Windscreen seal incorrectly seated - Air bag cover on dash deformed - Rear Clam over cut around number plate insert with polishing compound to point that the paint was worn through to undercoat. Will require respraying. - Front number plater attached with bolt head self tappers, easily fixed, but gives the general feel! - A couple of minor paint defects in the rear clam around the air intakes... I'd probably have let these go. Condition wise, it was described as virtually new, a couple of stone chips: - More than a couple of stone chips to the front. Far too many to now PPF. - Drivers seat bolster showing a decent amount of wear. - Drivers carbon sill significant scratched - It also had polish debris in every edge, surrounding the graphics, vent areas, stone chip protection, black pack etc. Overall it felt very unloved. Colour and spec amazing and it drove beautifully.
  13. Is your exige black? With a Stoke plate? Do say hi... who knows what I will be polishing!
  14. Thanks all and I look forward to joining a run too. With two girls rather than 1... the eldest is still upset she missed out on the run a few weeks ago.
  15. We're in Milton. You? Thanks - Its a GT410 Sport (+2). I think it is fully spec'd (though with Lotus you never know!)
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