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  1. You can do but a very thin smeer , in reality the galvanic corrosion of the 2 materials isn’t that much of a problem unlike stainless and copper , as the Mmc disks have some aluminium in them you do get some corrosion but by the time you have worn them out that won’t be a problem as you can’t replace them and they won’t hurt the drive flanges anyway , as the disks will be the sacrificial anode as it wer , hope this helps Scott
  2. Hi I’ve just joined the club so I would like to say hi ! I have recently bought an Elise S2 rover I want to do the Honda conversion on it , I’m an engineer so hopefully won’t cause too many problems, but what I want advice on is where to get reasonably priced engine mounts ? I have one of the stark mounts (large one ) that I picked up cheap , the drive shafts etc seem reasonable, it’s just the mounts that seem overly expensive, any advice ? Thanks
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