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  1. Aw, didn't see this until now sorry. I was there for a couple of hours at lunchtime. It was absolutely rammed!
  2. If the forecast is right and this fog burns off then I'll be heading Bournville to Caffeine and Machine later. Happy to vary the route to meet others, or see people there.
  3. I've been enjoying the dry roads a bit and blasting along happily, getting used to the car and what it can do. I have a super annoying squeak on the clutch pedal that I'm going to have to do something about. Anyway, the reason for posting, I have size 10.5 feet, so not huge. I find my trainers catching neighbouring pedals, and to park my left foot on the rest, I have to "dodge" the clutch pedal. Is this something you just get used to, or am I missing something?
  4. Two S1s on the front at Caffeine & Machine on Saturday afternoon. The purple is mine, is the owner of the silver one on here? We said hi, if you remember.
  5. The burgers are excellent btw
  6. Just been down to Caffeine & Machine, near Stratford for some lunch. They've been open since October but I only just found out about them. http://www.caffeineandmachine.com/ Absolutely superb. My 99 Elise was one of the least interesting cars in the car park. Several other Lotus there, all newer, including an Elise S3. Were those anyone on here? Would be a great location for a South Midlands meet.

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    I'd like to take the hardtop off when the weather gets better but don't have a storage bag for it. Anyone got one? Lotus part number A111B6165S Picture shown looks to me like an S2 bag but is the image used on the Lotus shop (but they don't sell them anymore).


    Birmingham, United Kingdom - GB

  8. Can anyone recommend a PPF installer local(ish) to Birmingham? Steve Baker seems great, but he's in Waterlooville
  9. So yesterday I got rid of the (almost) original Pirellis on my 1999 Elise S1, the oldest one was 19 years old 😮 After reading everything I could find on here and on seloc I decided on a set of Yokohama AD08R in the larger 195/50/15 225/45/16 sizing. Based on more reading on tyre pressures I've set them at 23psi and 25psi cold. (Jefferies Tyres, Bromsgrove, £340 for all 4 fitted and balanced) The car is transformed — absolutely solid, much smoother ride than before and soooooo much grip. I drove it across from South Birmingham to Warwick around the lanes, even with the road being greasy and wet I couldn't upset things. I tried a couple of emergency stops to get a feel for things and couldn't get anything other than a totally reassuring straight line stop with no lockups. Driving home in the dark and the rain was a little more stressful, not because the car or tyres did anything unexpected, but because I'm new to this. I did arrive at some bends that were tighter than I expected going faster than I would have liked and, well, the elise just went round them. No drama. As a newbie to the Elise I just want to say a huge thanks for the forums and wikis and everyone's contributions — it's so helpful!
  10. So, I need to get a replacement r-clip for my wiper blade. (Yes I did drop it into the front clam, somewhere. Thanks for asking.) Anyone know what size it's supposed to be? Rob
  11. Follow up - the Bosch SP23 fits once you're removed to hook adapter. There are three holes remaining once the adapter is removed. One of them is off-center and is a perfect fit for the S1's retaining pin.
  12. @Lithopsian Your description was perfect, I've ordered a Bosch SP23 after looking at the images.
  13. Thanks, that's what I'll be doing when I buy a set.
  14. Ok, great, so I'll decline and look for a better option.
  15. I've been offered some wheels and tyres from a friend, used but with good tread on them. Toyo Proxes T1-R 185/55 R15 82V 205/45 R16 87W I don't really understand tyre sizes and what's OK/not to play with. I know the rears _should_ be 205/50 R16 not 205/45. What are the issues with using these sizes? Thanks
  16. OK, so I've read through threads on here and on seloc, and the wiki articles and more. I know the original wipers on the S1 suck, and the answer is to upgrade to the S2 wiper arm. But... my S1 is totally original, everything is as it left the factory and it seems a shame to change it. So, I spent time looking around on parts sites and they all seem to think they have wiper blades that fit. Here's just one example: https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/elise-years-1996-to-2001-wiper-blades I'm guessing none of the listed blades do actually fit and it's just their compatibility data is wrong? Can anyone advise? Thanks
  17. @AlanS1 do they mark the dash at all? I'd be worried about it leaving an imprint.
  18. I've always thought the brodit stuff looks really clunky. My ideal would be something that goes unnoticed when not in use. Haven't found anything I really like yet though...
  19. Both great suggestions, thanks
  20. OK, done some reading around those. This is a 1999 Elise, so I think that's after they stopped fitting the MMCs and the discs hold a magnet, which suggests they're not the aluminium-ceramic of MMCs? I think they're the cast iron OEM discs.
  21. I have a completely unspoilt dash, as it came from Hethel, not even a stereo. I need some inspiration for securing a phone (for satnav etc) Please post shots of your best solutions for inspiration.
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