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  1. Finally got around to removing the old shocks and springs. They are a bit tatty looking but hopefully it's just surface corrosion where the paint has lifted. They are being shipped off to Bilstein in Leicester for a rebuild. Will see how it goes.
  2. Maybe Il just go for the rebuild. Budget doesn't stretch to the ntr's. If I thought I could achieve the same ride as oem with the nss and also give a very slight drop in ride height then I'd definitely go down that road, but as you say it doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. I was going to get them done with bilstein so I guess they will advise of condition. I would nearly spend the extra few hundred to get new Nitrton street series but I really like the oem level of comfort. I still can't find any definitive info online as to whether the NSS are an improvement over the bilstein and if they can be set to a comfortable road setting
  4. I have 2 leaking rear shocks at the moment on my 2005 111S. I was thinking of getting get all 4 rebuilt while I'm at it. What im wondering is, do the springs need replacement after 14 years? and if so would it be a better option financially to go for new NSS?
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