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  1. Hi all.. Just been told I need new suspension (leaking dampers) what should I go for..? I will not be going on any track days.. but do nail it when the opportunity arises.. 🙊
  2. Hi Lotus elise s2 06 Could you please advise why my rear suspension has just started an intermittent squeak.. It can go a couple of days and everything is fine.. then it starts squeaking again.. Thanks
  3. Is She Nice...??? 😍 I think they sound like the place to go - Thanks Again Pal
  4. Thanks Timbo... I was actually wondering about the Lotus Approved Stamp.. Cheers
  5. Hi all Very new to this - got my lotus Elise S2 17/11/2018 still learning how to get in & out... Would you recommend a place to service my Elise in or around Nottingham Thanks
  6. Monkey


    New Toy !!!
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