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  1. TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    Thanks guys! Daz
  2. S3 dash removal

    Cheers Daz
  3. S3 dash removal

    A blue 220S
  4. S3 dash removal

    Just waving hello to fellow Redditch Lotus owner
  5. Evora engine cover upgrade

    Looks much better Phil. A real work of art. Daz
  6. Evora engine cover upgrade

    Looks awesome! Nice job mate.
  7. TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    Thanks dude! I'm well pleased with the 2ubular However, standing water on the M40 / M5 today - scary stuff!
  8. Hi Guys, Has anyone fitted a TRD Induction kit to a 2ZRFE engine? I heard there maybe check engine light issues? I'm chasing a better engine tone with a bit of SC Whine Having my 2ubular fitted tomorrow morning Daz
  9. Thanks L.S

    Replaced my faulty locks, fixed my wobbly drivers seat and my loose centre console - all warranty work. Great garage, great bunch of guys. Didn't have to wait long for a slot either. Will be returning shortly to have my 2ubular fitted Elise feels great after these niggles have been sorted. Lousy drive back because of the weather - but still enjoyed myself. Thank-you so much Ben and Aimee. Daz
  10. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    All sorted at Lotus Silverstone. New lock set all round, fixed the wobbly seat and the loose centre console. Great garage, great bunch of guys. Thanks Ben! Daz
  11. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    Thanks Martin - will have a look inside tomorrow Daz
  12. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    Thanks JF - I will have a look.
  13. Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Yep! Looks great
  14. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Hi Rich, I've just swapped from a 2011 C4S into a 2017 Elise 220 Sport. I wouldn't want to swap back even considering the 'niggles' and quirks with the Elise. Daz
  15. Slight issue (there are others but apart from that I'm loving my Elise) the driver side door button (the bit you push in to open the door) is sticking badly in the internal barrel. I'm not able to open the door without pushing the button all the way home. I am able to move the button up and down, side to side and so on. If I do this I can open the door and enter my car Most of the time I can barely push it home no more than a couple of mm. Common fault guys? Have tried lubricating this evening, don't think it's made much difference and it's freezing cold and pissing down outside! Thanks Guys, Daz

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