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  1. I'm Walkwood / Redditch. Would be happy for a run out/meet.
  2. Your right! It's getting better with a bit of use. Great bit of kit - I'm very pleased. TRD next :) Daz
  3. Thanks dude! I'm well pleased with the 2ubular However, standing water on the M40 / M5 today - scary stuff!
  4. Hi Guys, Has anyone fitted a TRD Induction kit to a 2ZRFE engine? I heard there maybe check engine light issues? I'm chasing a better engine tone with a bit of SC Whine Having my 2ubular fitted tomorrow morning Daz
  5. Hi Rich, I've just swapped from a 2011 C4S into a 2017 Elise 220 Sport. I wouldn't want to swap back even considering the 'niggles' and quirks with the Elise. Daz
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