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  1. It could be an inlet air leak, although I must admit it sounds a bit quick (in terms of frequency) for that
  2. Matt, I've told you, all audio equipment should be removed - what would Colin say?! 😂😂
  3. Lol, welcome to the world of K series paranoia, mines usually more to do with constant smell of coolant even though I know its all fine! 😂
  4. Lol, hoping to go it mine tomorrow, gave it quick wipe with an old rag - should be fine 😂
  5. One of my friends has offered me a set of nitrons and when I asked how they compare to the original billies, he said 'night and day on good roads but a bit crashy on pot holes', so a bit crashy seems the order of the day with Elise's!
  6. I have a TRD conversion for an S3 that's never been used, it was fitted but never started up and now it's undergoing major changes, it's a customer's but I'm sure he'll be glad to sell it on
  7. Ironically I sold mine to buy a Lotus!
  8. Welcome to the Forum. No doubt some one will tell you its sourced from another more common vehicle (a post on Seloc will probably get the answer) Or give Paul a call at PJS Lotus, I'm sure he will be able to help you
  9. Hi Neil, welcome, another photo request here too! I'm getting really hungry for a Hassop breakfast!!
  10. 'The car I shouldn't have sold' 😂 we're all as bad with cars, we'd all have dozens of them lined up if we were left to our own devices! 😂
  11. Yes an early long tail S2, can't wait to get out in it again!
  12. Welcome Luke, Red! - best colour! 😁😁👍
  13. Also worth checking the door latch for fit as they are a notorious cause of rattling, easy to test with some insulating tape wrapped round the pin (only one or two turns)
  14. well the engine's going back in more or less as it was, but that's about all that's not being changed!
  15. You should find some basic vernier settings on Dave Andrew site, if not drop him an email.
  16. Mines tucked away still but I'm getting my fix doing a light winter service on this one 😁
  17. 👍 the full 82bhp 😂
  18. Thought it might make a change to have a bit of old school Lotus...........
  19. As Lithopsian correctly says, self tappers/spire clips. Not sure about access from under tray though - I think the crash box will stop you
  20. I'll probably be removing an S3 front clam shortly, I'll have a look...............
  21. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    As title, 2 decent tyres with 4mm of tread



    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a pair of standard rear springs for Elise S2 K series. Thanks Graham


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