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  1. Broadside

    New Member, coolant loss

    Hi Paul, I'm based at Kingstone near Uttoxeter, I have pressure test equipment, if you want to call round one day I'll happily check it for you Graham
  2. Broadside

    AD08R Vā€™s ZZS

    I actually got the best deal off ATS in Uttoxeter, which surprised me!
  3. Broadside

    AD08R Vā€™s ZZS

    Ive just put a set of 205 / 225 AD08's on my std K series and it feels just perfect šŸ™‚ šŸ‘
  4. Broadside

    Last drive.....

    No noises or rattles!!!???? I just took my S2 K for its first outing since I bought it last October and I think it does more rattling and clonking than most the race and rally cars I've driven!! Sounds like I'd better start investigating and remedying........ I just took it they all did that šŸ˜£
  5. Broadside

    A048 Tyres 195/50/16 LTS

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    As title, 2 decent tyres with 4mm of tread


  6. Broadside

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Mmmm very nice! I helped run a GT4 Aston for a couple of seasons for a customer in the GT cup, very expensive!! I sold my Mk2 Escort competition car at the end of last year, never thought I would, investement and all that, but I wasn't using it and I have wanted a lotus ever since I took my ARDS test in an Exige, so I took the plunge and hopefully I'll go out in it a bit more.......... Buy it šŸ™‚
  7. Broadside

    De cat or Not

    Hey, your video is just down the road from me šŸ™‚ next time your down give me a shout (when its warmer) and I'll come down in the Elise!
  8. Broadside

    Winter work.

    Yes, I agree with you about spring rates. I guess my existing dampers are pretty old so buying new springs for them is probably not the wisest long term investment.
  9. Broadside

    Winter work.

    I've got a nasty feeling that I've talked myself into buying a set of Nitrons, just because I've got a rusty spring.............
  10. Broadside

    Winter work.

    nice alloy bells šŸ˜Š
  11. Broadside

    Winter work.

    Velcro it will be!!
  12. Broadside

    Winter work.

    Thank you, I might fabricate a prototype, certainly velcro will enable me to position to suit first. Its not top of my list at the moment though!
  13. Broadside

    Winter work.

    Thank you! šŸ‘ May have to pay a visit, I need a road spring too........
  14. Broadside

    Winter work.

    Very nice. How is the foot rest attached? I dont have one, but feel Mrs Broadside would probably like something to brace herself on šŸ˜²
  15. Broadside

    Elise S2 rear springs

    Hi, is it possible/feasible to fit standard 2" parallel springs to S2 K series Bilsteins? I've just found the last inch or so of the final flattened part of the coil is missing on mine and I don't want to buy new really as I may upgrade next winter. OEM seem to be around Ā£100 whereas std 2" parallel ones are plentiful and cheap. Alternatively, has anyone got any s/h they want to sell? (I have placed a wanted ad) Thanks Graham

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