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  1. No problem, hope you get sorted. If you have any problems your easiest solution is just give Gregor a call at RRR Engineering - its his product so he can advise best practices.
  2. https://www.gentlemenofsalvage.co.uk/collections/intake-manifolds/products/freelander-1-inlet-manifold-and-throttle-body-1-8-k-series-2001-2004?variant=28551016808508 There is a port by the throttle body and another in the centre of the manifold (red fitting) either of these should give you a vac signal
  3. The one I have in the workshop is a 2ZZ exige and the port is just manifold side of the throttle body. Any port you can find/adapt should be fine on the manifold side of the body, it only needs to sense manifold pressure
  4. There should be a port in the ecu (between the two plugs) for the vacuum hose. Should be easy to see. Any problem let me know and I'll get a photo when I'm back in the workshop. Graham
  5. I believe it was out of an Arrows A9
  6. I had a BMW turbo in my workshop a while ago, a Megatron, it had a humungous turbo!! I'll try and find a pic......
  7. Broadside


    I don't think 14's are the most abundant these days, I'd probably start by looking what Tweeks have and places like Black Circles as a starting point. (you probably already have) Or have you tried 'the lotus forums.com' Welcome to MLOC 👍
  8. Makes me laugh all this talk of modern 'eco' cars to save the planet that all weigh 2 tonnes with every gadget known to man, our Lotus's are much more eco friendly, I think the way forward is to put a maximum weight limit on all new cars! Rant over 🤐
  9. It could be an inlet air leak, although I must admit it sounds a bit quick (in terms of frequency) for that
  10. Matt, I've told you, all audio equipment should be removed - what would Colin say?! 😂😂
  11. Lol, welcome to the world of K series paranoia, mines usually more to do with constant smell of coolant even though I know its all fine! 😂
  12. Lol, hoping to go it mine tomorrow, gave it quick wipe with an old rag - should be fine 😂
  13. One of my friends has offered me a set of nitrons and when I asked how they compare to the original billies, he said 'night and day on good roads but a bit crashy on pot holes', so a bit crashy seems the order of the day with Elise's!
  14. I have a TRD conversion for an S3 that's never been used, it was fitted but never started up and now it's undergoing major changes, it's a customer's but I'm sure he'll be glad to sell it on
  15. Ironically I sold mine to buy a Lotus!
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