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  1. 👍 the full 82bhp 😂
  2. Thought it might make a change to have a bit of old school Lotus...........
  3. As Lithopsian correctly says, self tappers/spire clips. Not sure about access from under tray though - I think the crash box will stop you
  4. I'll probably be removing an S3 front clam shortly, I'll have a look...............
  5. Does anyone by any chance know if an S2 long tail roof will fit in an S1 bag? Thanks Graham
  6. People are very quick nowadays to take to social media when they have some sort of gripe, but people often forget to report good service, so I would just like to to say thank you very much to PJS for being very helpful today when I needed a couple of items urgently. I have not been there before but I found Paul to be extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you. Graham
  7. I'll give that a go then 😃 Thanks Graham
  8. Ok, is that actually through Potterhanworth on the B roads? Just had a quick look, I did some work at Woodhall Spa at a cricket event once and the Spitfire did a fly past for us!
  9. That would be my ideal day out next week (well not quite - I was supposed to be in Cornwall!!)
  10. I'm hoping to have 2 or 3 days out, one of which I fancied going up round the Bamford area, so I will hopefully be having a cruise round one day next week. I still fancy a trip to the seaside though! dont really care where 😁
  11. Didn't think so really but I'd rather have a day out in the Lotus than the 3 cylinder Focus!
  12. Broadside

    A52 Skegness

    As my holiday is of course cancelled I'm hoping to have a couple of days out in the Lotus - I'd like to see the sea! Anyone done the A52 route to Skegness in a Lotus? I've not been that way much for a long time and dont whether its a good route. Normally I'd head off to Wales but it appears thats still a no go area.....
  13. I also went for a blast round the Peaks this morning, thinking it could be the last for a while 😞 Stay safe all, looks like could be a long time before we get breakfast at Hassop
  14. Wow that's shiny!!!! if you get bored you can come and have a go at mine!!
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