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  1. I also went for a blast round the Peaks this morning, thinking it could be the last for a while 😞 Stay safe all, looks like could be a long time before we get breakfast at Hassop
  2. Wow that's shiny!!!! if you get bored you can come and have a go at mine!!
  3. It may also be worth changing the oil (if not already done) It can sometimes give some improvement in synchro operation
  4. I'd be interested, with a plus 1. Was already planning on taking the wife there this year for a special treat anyway 😂😂
  5. I think you have to peel back the fabric at the ends (I'm sure there's a write up on Seloc) On the front cable one end is either crimped or soldered in and the other floating with a nipple. I have made a new end with 2 small M3 grub screws (like a solderless nipple) to crimp the cable in position, if this works ok it will be easy to slip a new cable in if it happens again. I imagine you could do the same on the rear if you can be bothered with the faff, I just like to prove I can do it! 🙂
  6. Isn't the rear cable on the long tail longer? The ones crafty plates advertises on ebay are the front ones I believe (although I think he can make up what you want) Coincidentaly my front cable broke on Friday while traveling back from Bakewell and it was hammering it down!! I had to try and lash it up with duct tape to stop it acting like a parachute! I'm in the process of making a repair on mine by making a slightly different end piece at one end and using a length of new cable, cos I'm too tight to pay 50 quid 😂
  7. Springs are pretty cheap in relation to dampers, so if you think they're ready for change they probably won't break the bank.
  8. Give me lanteryu's Europa anyday, I have a proper soft spot for those!
  9. Thanks, its not going away yet, I plan to get out again before the salt spreading starts if it ever stops raining. Unfortunately I was working yesterday when it was sunny (in Castle Donington ironically!)
  10. I'll be having the floors off and getting it on the lift for a good check over during the winter, so I'll have a good look at the tank/hoses then.
  11. Thanks for that info, I will certainly check that 👍
  12. It's so easy to talk yourself into 'needing' to do these jobs! 😁
  13. I'm hoping to use mine a bit more yet if the rain ever stops! I need to replace/upgrade my gear cables, find an annoying squeak that occurs on acceleration, have the undertrays off and service/check over/clean. I thought the fuel tank was a pretty involved job? mine sometimes smells a bit petroly when I've filled up which always gets me a bit paranoid, but then again so does the coolant smell, the squeak, the temperature guage....................😂
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