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  1. Cheers, As Martin and @ndy mentioned, surprisingly enough 205 tyres will fit in place of the 175's despite the seemingly large difference. My wheels are 6" so should be fine. Anything smaller and they won't fit. I'm just waiting to ware some more tread away before switching.
  2. Thanks all, I've decided to go with the AD08rs', I'll post back any problems.
  3. Thanks @ndy, do you have any pictures of them?
  4. Thats interesting. They are the RGB forged wheels. Has anyone else fitted AD08rs' to those? I'd be interested to hear about it.
  5. Do they do AD08rs' in 175/55/16's? I haven't found any. I would go with them but it seems I'm stuck with the 07's. What else is there?
  6. Hi all I've bean reading around the forums as I'll be needing new tyres in the next few months but I can't come to any conclusions on what to do. My S3 has 175/55/16 fronts which means AD07's right... but haven't they been discontinued? So next option would be the current AD08rs but they don't come in the right size, only 205/45/16's. There's no way they would fit, right??? What are my options for good road tyres if I don't want old stock AD07's.
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