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  1. slartibardfarst

    Key fob badge

    Thanks, I've sent them a message.
  2. slartibardfarst

    Key fob badge

    Does anyone know where to get the little gummy lotus logos for the key fobs? The one from my second key has gone missing. They are 10mm in diameter.
  3. slartibardfarst

    Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Funny you should bring it up, I've just had to redo the white lettering this evening. Didn't fair to well with the recent frost and rain and just flaked off. The white paint I used was from 2003. I thought it'd be ok but obviously not. I'll probably give it a matt clear coat to protect it afterwards.
  4. slartibardfarst

    Elise S3 battery Recomendations

    48v, it wouldn't sadly.
  5. slartibardfarst

    Elise S3 battery Recomendations

    I did look into Odyssey AGM batteries thanks to this but as I don't have the car garaged and although can and do run a charger out to it, I really don't want to be doing that every few days. Having decent capacity to me is very important. The larger calcium battery I went for had a weight penalty of 3.8kg. Perfectly acceptable for ~40% extra capacity. To get the same capacity from an Odyssey battery would cost £250+ and added over 8kg.
  6. slartibardfarst

    Elise S3 battery Recomendations

    Thanks timbo. I actually do already have a ctek charger that will trickle charge. If I don't intend to use the car for a week+ then i'll connect it. My battery was failing to start the car after 3 days sitting idle. I think it may well be the original battery so no harm in changing it. For anyone else in this situation, a larger 075 spec (242mmx175mmx175mm) battery will fit. I had to modify the hold down bracket to give more adjustment but i now have 62Ah rather than the old 44Ah. Weight difference seemed negligible really. Calcium batteries seem quite ubiquitous these days and will work and charge just fine. AGM batteries are for start/stop cars. They will work also but not worth the extra cost in an elise really.
  7. slartibardfarst

    Elise S3 battery Recomendations

    Is it better to get a larger capacity battery if a car is sitting a while. Whats the most powerful unit you can get that will fit without changing the mounting bracket? AGM batteries? Calcium batteries?
  8. slartibardfarst

    Elise S3 battery Recomendations

    With the recent cold weather and the car often sitting idle for a number of days, my battery is struggling to hold it's charge and probably needs replacing. Any recommendations for good strong batteries that will fit?
  9. slartibardfarst

    Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Thanks guys. Came out better than expected. I've had the pressure washer on it a few times now and it's holding up fine so should be good.
  10. slartibardfarst

    Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Hi all, New Elise S3 owner here. Had my car around 2 months now, already done a few much needed updates like a decent stereo, better headlight bulbs, dashcam, adjustments to the drivers seat rail.... A few weeks ago I decided the engine cover (which can obviously be seen through the rear cover) looked a little plain and in need of something. I quickly ruled out painting the entire thing as I think it would stand out too much so decided the raised moulded lettering was the answer. A few hours and several coats later here's what I ended up with. I'm pretty happy with it. It's a nice visible detail without being over the top.

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