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  1. Thanks Duncan, think I'm sorted (for now)!
  2. Thanks, might have to take you up on that! When I get home I'm going to try asking some neighbors if I can borrow their garage but can you PM me your number just in case?
  3. Hi I can't get into the boot of my S3 Elise and rain is due shortly, the roof is in the boot! The issue is with the latch, not the cable. Any ideas how to open it?
  4. I feel it is something that simple, but don't think it is the seal between the tank and the motor as I left the tank with the motor attached in a sink for 3 days and it didn't leak a drop. Hoping that it was a one off I tried putting the tank back in the car last night but it has completely emptied overnight... Still no idea where it is leaking to as it wasn't on the bottom of the tank.
  5. Hi Yesterday I took my Elise S3 out for the first time since the snow a few weeks ago and the windscreen washers were not working. I filled it up with high concentrate fluid before the snow came, which is supposedly good to -45, but when I checked yesterday the tank was empty to just below where the hose comes out. I did not use the washers to flush out the less concentrated liquid which in hindsight would have been a good idea. I've filled the tank and tried it again and the washers worked, so it's not the motors that have gone. I've now taken the tank out and there is no sign of dripping, but it's now sat in a sink so I'll leave it for 24 hours to see if it's a very slow leak. As it doesn't appear to be the tank or the motors, I can only think it's the rubber tubes between the two, but this seems unlikely as I would expect them to expand if frozen, not crack. Does anyone have any other ideas or experienced similar issues? Any idea how tricky it is to replace the rubber tubes if that is the issue? It's in warranty, but I expect Lotus would not pay out as they would attribute the fault to the fluid being too diluted. Thanks
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