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  1. Think there might be one space left on this Sunday morning's run around the Peaks in Derbyshire....(be an early start though)
  2. Welcome Matt.....I've not been on here much this year with all that's being going on, and I've missed most of the club runs this year, but would be great to see you on one. Fellow previous VX220 owner here too, but I see you're in Aston? Well that's a coincidence, 'cos so am I...... I think I might have seen an orange flash not long ago. Think we connected via Instagram last week.... (I'm @alpinetracks)
  3. Just spotted you needed images, so have uploaded a few now (I can upload all day so tried to pick a few which might be calendar worthy 😂) Also noted that The Cakes had put a couple of mine up previously, so may have duplicated a little! If you need higher res images I can provide them...
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