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  1. Excellent - another local Cup! Congratulations!
  2. Agree, I thought the black contrast (or 'black pack' on later cars) was only an option on the S3 models.
  3. Oh it was definitely worthwhile loitering. Also missed you Luke, along with plenty of others I'd hoped to catch up and meet during the day.
  4. Welcome and congrats on the purchase! Now get yourself booked in to Lotus in the Peak in July and mission completed 😂
  5. Wasn’t originally, but have been invited on the Sunday and I know of a few other owners going too….so we’ll be dotted round the event!
  6. Agree it's down to proportions. I'm 6'2 and have never had difficulty with any of the tubs or seats. But came here to really say the traffic light thing is an easy thing to sort! If you're right at the traffic light line and can't see directly, you just need to look in the reflection of your front wing on the top. Perfect visibility to always see the lights whatever the weather, and see when they change without having to contort yourself! Worked in my VX years back too - it's like when they were designed they knew what they were doing
  7. Thanks to all those involved - just received my copy, and will enjoy each day in January that little bit more!
  8. Think there might be one space left on this Sunday morning's run around the Peaks in Derbyshire....(be an early start though)
  9. Welcome Matt.....I've not been on here much this year with all that's being going on, and I've missed most of the club runs this year, but would be great to see you on one. Fellow previous VX220 owner here too, but I see you're in Aston? Well that's a coincidence, 'cos so am I...... I think I might have seen an orange flash not long ago. Think we connected via Instagram last week.... (I'm @alpinetracks)
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