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  1. DanMM

    Shes a keeper, at least for now!

    Hi Duncx Yeah its that car! Hence the front clam respray. I’ve been contemplating having the front clamshell painted since it happened but didn’t want any potential buyers to think that the fresh paint was hiding anything more sinister. A bad paint job would also look miles worse than the small scratch on an otherwise clean car so decided to just advertise the car as is. Some people are almost insultingly unrealistic about how much cheaper the car should be because of damage so I’m now thinking I’ll get it fixed. I’ve had a couple of quotes from different body shops that I’ve had work done by before but after reading good things about Dr.Bodyshop and Option 1 I’d like to get quotes from them too. Does anyone know of anything apart from the towing eye post and rad which are worth doing while the front clam is off?
  2. Hi Everyone After being royally messed around and eventually let down by someone who was supposed to be buying my car and the exciting prospect of summer just around around the corner I've decided to keep hold of my Elise S for a little longer and intend on taking her to Le Mans for the 24 hour before re-advertising. My car has covered nearly 30k miles and although the car has a fresh MOT, is fully serviced and is huge fun there are a few jobs I plan on taking care of and wanted to document my progress on here and maybe ask for the odd bit of advice along the way. I'd really appreciate any recommendations or advice anyone can give. My list so far: Front clam respray Body coloured centre console and heater control surround New front towing eye bracket Suspension refresh, including new bushes, bearings ARB links etc Exhaust heat-shield replacement TRD Air-box and filter MWR lift kit Hopefully have an update soon, but here's a few pics for now. Dan
  3. DanMM

    TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    I fitted a TRD airbox and filter to my Elise S (1ZZ) last weekend and very pleased with it. I don't find it massively louder than the standard set-up at idle or low speeds but makes the car come alive at higher revs with a louder and deeper intake noise. Fitting was straight forward and required very few tools too!

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