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  1. Domdeath

    S2 Rear shocks - please help!

    Dean, I have tried my local dealer, Elise parts, sj sports cars and deroure all with no luck . Will have a browse of seloc see if I can find a second hand set there though! Will check out unit 4 Burton too, thanks Ray.
  2. Domdeath

    S2 Rear shocks - please help!

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will try and contact the lotus dealer near me tomorrow. Hadn't thought of trying something like that, I have been trying to order them myself from various suppliers and they all have been saying Lotus are out of stock. I had an email from DeRoure today saying: Aftersales are ready to place the order but its waiting on sign off, under the previous CEO of Lotus it had to be authorised by him. As you may be aware, Jean-Marc left the company last week. The person who has replaced him still has to sign this off and they are currently in China. Aftersales are estimating six to eight weeks subject to getting authorisation to place the order.
  3. Hi everyone, So one of my rear shocks on my S2 Toyota engine 2007 Elise has started leaking (typically one of the fronts went about 2 months ago) but lotus is on backorder and apparently the new CEO is in China so it doesn't sound like the order is going to be signed off anytime soon (and even then there's a 6 to 8 week lead time on them). What makes me so desperate is that I booked my first track for mid July day a few weeks ago! 2 options: 1. Does anyone know of anywhere which might have a couple of Bilstein shocks sitting on the shelf? 2. Fit some aftermarket shocks. I'd rather not go down this route as although they can be cheaper, since I'd have to declare them to my insurance this will negate any savings and I'd have to pay for it year on year. I'm not pushing the car to its limits either so I doubt I'd notice any performance improvement. IF I did go via this route, what shocks are best value for money? Gaz? Spax? Avo? Ar these a simple straight swap to replace the shocks? New coils needed? Thanks in advance!

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