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  1. Brian Birtwhistle

    Lotus in the Peak - kids?

    I certainly had a great time last year, thanks for organising.
  2. Brian Birtwhistle

    Lotus in the Peak - kids?

    If you are camping, I stayed at Bank House Farm https://bankhousefarmcamping.co.uk last year, nice walking distance to Hartington.
  3. Brian Birtwhistle

    Another New Lotus

    Nice car, nice house.
  4. Brian Birtwhistle

    Great day at Donington

    As a mate commented when we entered the circuit for the Bike GP (preMotoGP...) years ago, there is only one "n" in Donington...
  5. Brian Birtwhistle

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Those double deck trailers always scare me, the centre of gravity must be higher than is ideal. And a Discovery isn't the most stable of towing platforms, with all the 4x4 features like long travel suspension actually working against you. I've been told that the lightweight double deck 7.5 tonners are scary things to drive when fully laden, but that must be worse.
  6. Brian Birtwhistle

    Tyres 195/50 ZR 16's

    No 195/50 16 AD08's but I think the Avons are available in the correct size for Lotus(?) plenty of people have fitted 205/45 AD08's but they need AT LEAST a 6" rim.
  7. Brian Birtwhistle

    S2 rear tyres

    I'm not sure that the LTS marked ones are still made so any still for sale might well be old stock, I doubt if the LTS2 tyres are any different to ordinary '07's TBH (?) as it was instigated by "green" legislation for new tyres. AFAIK the 08 has effectively replaced the 07, but isn't yet available in S2/3 sizes - unless you are happy to stretch to 205/45 fronts. Last time I looked Hanger 111 had '07's in S2 sizes for £286 + vat for a set of four* which seems a reasonable deal- but no mention of LTS markings. *http://www.hangar111.com/shop/lotus-elise-111r-s-sc-wheels-a-tyres/690-elise-s1-111r-tyres-yokohama-ad07-full-set.html Edit: Eliseparts sell the LTS1 tyres as Track/Circuit use only presumeably to cover their arses over the green legislation and also state they are 2014 stock.
  8. Brian Birtwhistle

    Gear lever and centre console rubbing

    Mine does the same.

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