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  1. https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/973951/lda-word-search/
  2. i am braking from 75 to 40 mph all during that clip, @ndy. It's only like 4 secs but felt more like 10 at the time. the headlight sheared off it's silly plastic posts, this happens anyways on the drivers side headlight on Europas, so i applied the same fix (big rubber washers and self tappers),but there is permanent damage to the front clam, a crack in the glass fibre at the very apex of the wheel arch. i've bonded an aluminium plate inside the wheel arch to stop the crack propagating. I turned around straight away, but no sign of the errant creature.... lucky i didnt swerve, there is that other car coming. could have been a lot worse! want to see before n after pics?
  3. Meeting Bambi !
  4. I havent got one car fixed after an incident with a Deer !!
  5. So-called because my Europa S looks like a cartoon dragon, according to my sister. Just done cambelt, coming soon: ecu mapping at Courtenays in Norfolk ('cos its a GM motor)(stock Lotus mapping is sooo steppy).... Sigh, winter's so tedious isn't it?
  6. You can park your Evija in my front drive next to the Europa instead of the Merc. Free charging. But I will have to 'charge' rent for the small nylon tent for yourself.....
  7. I now work (in IT) for a hospital, it seems to have much more point than fixing stuff for banks shops n offices. Dogs can't be trusted, my grand niece and nephew age 4 and 7 live with two big dogs, I wish my niece would get rid but she can't be talked to. Get well and lively again as soon as you can, Amy!
  8. I live 16 miles from them. Ask if you want help!
  9. love it, look forward to seeing it on a run
  10. hi peeps. not really bothered about the lotus badge either way. perhaps we would we have historically preferred an animal (bull. horse, some feline or other, heck a norfolk sheep lol)(now i'm over thinking this. like i always do, some indigenous Hornsey/Cheshunt wildlife lol), -- btw did i read it right somewhere that our hero mr chapman did swindle letters in the original lotus badge somehow viz partners?
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