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  1. Thanks Alex, I saw that. Thanks to Martin, I am sorted; until the other one fails!
  2. Thanks to you both. Martin, I only need the holder so if you have one that would be great. Jonathan, if i can't get one I know will fit, I'll come back to you.
  3. Hi, just put my Elise back on the road and found the n/s front indicator wasn't working. Turns out the contact in the bottom of bulb holder has corroded and rotted through. Looks like most of the Lotus spares places want to sell the whole unit, lens and all, for £150 or so. Does anyone know which other cars use the same bulb holder so I can just buy one of those?
  4. Hi, I need to take the seats and carpets out of my S2 Elise tomorrow to dry it out. Is this a simple job? Anything I need to be aware of?
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