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  1. Hi, I want to put my Elise on to chassis stands to work on the suspension. Whats the best way to to this without damaging the tub? Do the stands at the rear need to be under the jacking points? Also, if you are going to use pieces of wood to spread the load at the top of the stands, any advice as to how big they should be? Tools available = trolley jack, stands and lots of bits of wood.
  2. I have a garage without power, and an Elise 111S with a flat battery. Obviously it needs charging, but what is the best way to maintain the battery once charged? Does anyone have any experience of solar trickle chargers (I know I'll need something more powerful to get it charged from flat) or is there any kind of power pack which can be charged, then used to trickle charge? In summary, I'm after: Recommendations for chargers Recommendations for any kind of trickle charger that doesn't need constant mains power Many thanks!
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