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  1. Matt thats about what I had paid around £220 if I deduct the other stuff from the invoice ? I mainly did it as the car was stuck at central for a few weeks and so whilst it was there having all brakes replaced the painting of calipers was an easy job ? I not heard of the Voodoo I guess hence your question
  2. I just had my calipers painted when my car was in for service and complete brake replacement over at Central Lotus they charged me for calipers painting from the complex invoice was about same rate as another Nottingham place BCS hope this helps ? 👍🏻
  3. I have not tried a golf bag but I do use my boot when I can get it opened for my large sports bag I have got a load of shopping bags but as I have +2 there’s a large space big enough for the golf stuff I would think? also I understand that the boot was designed around a golf bag ?
  4. I need to have my Evora interior looked at , the dreaded dash has suffered in lockdown during the summer and seats too as well as door handles do these guys at classic cars do all lotus cars ?
  5. I signed up a few days ago , hoping once the vaccine hits the general population life will return to normal ? I don’t get a chance to drive my car much other than doing a couple of school runs a week and as my partner hates the car I don’t use it for weekend aways so if I can get another options maybe looking at joining up on some of the events ?
  6. I am in Kirby / ratby so Hinckley not too far perhaps closer than Central Lotus I don’t know if Lou will be able to look after my Evora maybe he will be good for doing MOT but other things would I be better to stick to official lotus ? i just had to replace both my starter motor and oil sump and I wonder if my car was at a non lotus garage would I had to endure a longer and more stressful time waiting for the repairs to be completed ?
  7. Have you called Monster sports ? I have my lotus MOT at central lotus over in Notts and even though my wiper blade was end of life they passed it and replaced the blade back at dealership the MOT is carried out of site at place Central uses so they drive it there you wait at the dealership
  8. I looked again at lotus academy website and the scare yourself looked fun but I think me personally I might benefit from the Bronze level as I will find out more about myself as a driver than about a lotus as the cars are designed to perform. I will save up and maybe ask for Xmas gifts to be directed towards the cost of Bronze course, hopefully when COVID situation calms down I will look at booking a date and I guess the revamp to facilities will had been completed ?
  9. I really like to do this driving course but as I am not interested in going on a track will this course be a bit of loss ? I am not a fast road driver but I would like to know and appreciate the limits of a car ? In some way I like to enjoy my Evora knowing the car has far greater limits than my driving skills ?
  10. You need to try an Evora if you haven’t already ? You can get more readily a two seater version of Evora however the +2 is always great flexible option for youngsters or storage ?
  11. I have waited 9 months for my new company car which arrived last week and lately i have Been waiting nearly 4 weeks for my Evora to be fixed and serviced so seems I have just been spending last few months waiting , waiting and more waiting ! But as the old saying goes “good things come to those who wait “
  12. What comment on these place Monster Motorsport ? Never heard of them as dealing with Lotus ? I am looking for a service and full brake and disc replacement ? Otherwise will go back to Central but just little worried out social distances in a garage that I am stuck at all day ?
  13. Cheers the light went out for a few times I drove the car and then came on then went out on return journey this week? so I am hoping to get car serviced at a newly opened LJR garage who have experience of Lotus as they are a minute drive from me I seldom use cruise control but wonder if I get this after washing the car ? i am not good at tech side actually a real spanner don’t understand so apologies if I appear a little dim ?
  14. My warning light came on after my once a week journey go on 40 mile round trip so spend a couple of hours with my young daughter and light came on when I arrived on return journey light came on half way ? not serviced car for a year but only done 5k admittedly journeys of no more than 70 miles I know or think that my brake pads and discs are wearing is this related ? Or are my tyres wearing related ? any help thanks
  15. I have used Central and PJS both were great but I think will be pricy not used Gav at unit 4 but always read good things however journey from Leicestershire is not easy drive and if your car is there for more than a day you need to arrange for another car to pick you up etc which is added headache ? I don’t know of any other options I thought I had found a ex lotus guy but that’s not worked out
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