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  1. CDM2018

    New guy

    Welcome to lotus ownership if you love your lotus that’s all that matters
  2. Colour is a difficult and individual aspect to portray in differing light conditions ? When you go to furniture shop and view the swatches of colours it’s hard to visualise how that colour looks in your living space I saw that shmee150 U tube where he went to B&C to spec his Emira and those colour swatches all looked different as the light made each look varied both for interior or exterior however I am envious wish had your problem on Monday 😀
  3. I was advised by lotus that if your car is ok with E10 then use it and stick to it don’t keep swapping over to 95 super intermittently ! apparently and my mechanical knowledge is sh** the ecu needs to learn the new fuel rather than having to re-adjust all time you change fuel types the fuel situation at forecourts is not going to get better until drivers from EU can get visas
  4. A bit like a Leicester city wining the premiership no one saw this coming wonder if anyone put a bet on her winning the US open ? She looks like she has attributes not to make this a one off ?
  5. The reddish stain is linked to what bird digest usually berries this time of the year secret I’d to get it removed as soon as you can and there’s a number of different sprays you can buy to quickly breakdown the bird mess before washing I park my car under trees and is bombarded with sap and bird mess so I have to regularly wash the car or cover it I always use prewash snow foam and decontamination shampoo to rid of those messy things on the car
  6. I had all four tyres changed late last year at high street place as I ordered via black circle TBF they were pretty attentive and checked where the jacking points were I showed them book and discussed torque and pressure settings. didn’t do the tracking as supposed to get that done at central lotus but then lockdown came and I put it on hold and will do it this October when it goes in for service and some work
  7. I did part of NC earlier this summer luckily when we had first heatwave and was start of Scottish school holidays the traffic levels were not too bad and the likes of Loch Ness boat trips and Glen Coe beauty spots were busy but not rammed maybe around this mid late August tourist levels have increased but I think Scottish school have gone back so evens out ? what’s certain is that more people have holidayed in UK so hotel prices are very high and availability is very limited
  8. I need a teacher ! I am willing although sometimes I feel I am the most unlucky person when it comes to DIY jobs everything that goes wrong does go wrong ! Lol
  9. My hats off to you I really wish I had the skill and capabilities to undertake what you very clearly described in the above threads its one if not the best reads I have seen on forum for the Evora most of the jobs you clearly described I need to sort only wish I could but unfortunately I just don’t have skills or patience
  10. Cheers Phil given I am with my young daughter I need to think of something to do beside her wanting to spot Nessie ! I was thinking of going on a cable car somewhere near Ben Nevis but besides that not sure what else is can I do ? I also only have a couple of days in the area before heading home
  11. Looking at doing a road trip with my daughter as she want to see Loch Ness thinking doing it over 5 days maybe stopover near Carlisle then onto fort William doing reverse on way home anyone done this and any tips first long journey road trip ever in my Evora
  12. CDM2018


    I have just started to learn how to detail a car so please know I am no expert! but from my research black paint is difficult to detail , however what I learnt is personal expectation all cars unless kept in sealed vacuum unit will be subject to weather or scarring from road use etc large surface scratches and swirls will be removed in main by decent paint correction so maybe asking a decent car detailers to quote you to get your car to specific level thereafter you maintain it ? I choose to go down DIY detailer route but now realise as I don’t have a garage will ne
  13. My Evora is parked outside only used once or twice a week , I had converted garage years ago but even if I had my garage don’t think the car would had fitted very well ? I stopped covering my car the cover was causing more issues than what it protected ? Now my cover cost £100 odd so maybe if I spent the £200 plus maybe that might be more practical in protection ? my Evora does leak especially boot TBF I think it’s a lotus quirk and you some how get used it as owner
  14. Big shame they blew it on last game but eventually the injuries to key players caught up ! Never mind I always would have taken FA cup win than going into champions league as they don’t have a squad strong enough to win that Yet !
  15. The day after lcfc creates another piece of history still can’t believe it ! big shame all the fans couldn’t be actually there to witness another step in their dream and allow all the smaller clubs to believe in dreams
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