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  1. CDM2018


    Hi Andy i had my Evora S1 wrapped by Signsuk in Hinckley, they do majority of work for Silverstone so I opted to go with them and I live about 25 mins away so local. they did a lovely job even redone my wing mirror as it wasnt perfect but they sorted it as they wanted to make sure it was correct. the vinyl used was very good , I went for a carbon fibre look on roof and mirrors and Matt black on side sills and front splitter
  2. CDM2018

    Pirelli P-Zero Corsa LS 275 / 30 x 20

    So it’s seems the PS4 S is to way to go I am never likely to see a track and so my car is only weekend and school run about 6-7k max a year. would PS4 S still be ok ? Also my current 225/40 Pirelli is it case to go for extra width as I like thought to protect the rims ?
  3. CDM2018

    Pirelli P-Zero Corsa LS 275 / 30 x 20

    Why is it that the Michelin PS4 such a recommendation has no other tyres been tried ? I assume the PS4 are good tyres but there must be other alternative tyres which are good if not better ? Reading some Elise drivers they seem to favour Yokohama I just wondered would that brand not extend to Evora ? i will need a couple of front tyres by summer I expect , can I mix PS4s with Pirelli’s ?
  4. CDM2018

    Legacy Storm Leicester

    Is this indie specialist still open ? Has anyone used them in recent months ?
  5. CDM2018

    MLOC Evoras

    Hi fellow Evora owners 😋 I am over in Leicestershire not seen another Evora other than around Cambridge recently my red NA is great plenty of power but fab road presence , just finished Headunit and sub/amp replacement today still not managed to get to local meet and missed lotus 70 and lotus in peaks cant seem to get commitments synced but will try better in future !
  6. CDM2018

    Starter Motor Evora NA

    Hi Loyise i am ancient don’t do Facebook twitter etc lol
  7. CDM2018

    Starter Motor Evora NA

    Can you PM me ?
  8. CDM2018

    Starter Motor Evora NA

    My Evora wouldn’t start this morning drove it fine last few weeks always started. had AA man out tested the battery and he said starter motor is root cause. worst time being bank holiday week , anyone know costs of replacement at garage ? I will probably look at using Central Lotus I will need the car putting on low loader although AA thought of towing car in 2nd gear then starting it ?
  9. CDM2018

    Garage to Service 111R

    wow Dont think I will be doing that only track I get close to is the dog track on Friday night ! Good to know unit 4 is well renowned intrigued to know the gear cable upgrade Foxy mentioned in previous message what is it ?
  10. CDM2018

    Garage to Service 111R

    Thanks for that , sorry if I stole another subject thread but I am trying to prepare for future in securing a trusted garage in reasonable proximity to myself.
  11. CDM2018

    Garage to Service 111R

    Where is Peter Smith located or a web address ? I found legacy storm website thanks i am more willing to use a garage that is fair and honest so surroundings are not major importance! The Unit 4 seems highly regarded but I haven’t yet seen an Evora review ?
  12. CDM2018

    Garage to Service 111R

    For Evora service etc would be be best recommended Unit 4 , PJS or Central ? i had central sort my handbrake under warranty they did a good job but then I wasn’t paying and it was a simple adjustment. does unit 4 or PJS be more cost effective when it comes to MOT & service than Central ?

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