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  1. I have waited 9 months for my new company car which arrived last week and lately i have Been waiting nearly 4 weeks for my Evora to be fixed and serviced so seems I have just been spending last few months waiting , waiting and more waiting ! But as the old saying goes “good things come to those who wait “
  2. What comment on these place Monster Motorsport ? Never heard of them as dealing with Lotus ? I am looking for a service and full brake and disc replacement ? Otherwise will go back to Central but just little worried out social distances in a garage that I am stuck at all day ?
  3. Cheers the light went out for a few times I drove the car and then came on then went out on return journey this week? so I am hoping to get car serviced at a newly opened LJR garage who have experience of Lotus as they are a minute drive from me I seldom use cruise control but wonder if I get this after washing the car ? i am not good at tech side actually a real spanner don’t understand so apologies if I appear a little dim ?
  4. My warning light came on after my once a week journey go on 40 mile round trip so spend a couple of hours with my young daughter and light came on when I arrived on return journey light came on half way ? not serviced car for a year but only done 5k admittedly journeys of no more than 70 miles I know or think that my brake pads and discs are wearing is this related ? Or are my tyres wearing related ? any help thanks
  5. Phil i had my red Evora vinyl wrapped on roof and wing mirror in the carbon fibre finish and one year later still looks ok I got some guys over in Hinckley to do it as I am not skilled i like the diffuser look and in red would set the back look very nicely ? I thought of re-spraying the engine cover but want to add some accent lighting at same time still working this option out !
  6. I have used Central and PJS both were great but I think will be pricy not used Gav at unit 4 but always read good things however journey from Leicestershire is not easy drive and if your car is there for more than a day you need to arrange for another car to pick you up etc which is added headache ? I don’t know of any other options I thought I had found a ex lotus guy but that’s not worked out
  7. I think he gets a little bit of a bad coverage ? How many 6 times world champions have we produced here in the last 50 years ? if he does go on to equal and surpass MS record doesn’t he deserve all the praise and accolade the title of the greatest F1 driver gets ? also surprise he hasn’t been given a gong in one of honours list ? Certainly there been given for a lot less ?
  8. Rang this place on Thursday to enquire a quote for my Evora brake discs and pads replacement all wheels they took my details and I am waiting for a return call with quote ?
  9. Not heard of this outfit might give them a call and ask them to price up my all round brake disc and pads replacement ? getting my Evora MOT hopefully tomorrow supposed to had it Monday but my storm lotus man was unwell so had to reschedule for Thursday
  10. Not used him yet until next week but I am taking my Evora to Jon at Legacy Storm A few here had used him when there was Lotus in Leicester I guess you need to look at distance but I look forward to deal with Jon but I had used Central Lotus who were great too
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