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  1. That’s a great hack to use the dryer water from the condenser ! Going to bottle it from now on I thought the clay lube has some special stuff in it ? I have Bilt Hamer snow foam and wheel cleaner a U tube video suggested the brand also does a good containment cleaner
  2. Well done Phil i took easy route when I had a wrap added the same guys kindly applied the shark fin to body I don’t think they charged me? anyway it’s still on so they must had did a good job. One little comment a car detailer commented that the colour had faded and suggested he include a touch up of shark fin if he got the job. I might do it now I am likely to wax car myself so will need to mask of body to repaint the shark fin
  3. Believe me when these car detailers quoted their costs I really thought I was in the business ! I guess their costs are 80% labour related I concluded that this year I will give my car a DIY work out , try the clay barring and intense waxing with a hope it works ?
  4. I think given my car sit year around outside and late summer subjected to tree sap the ceramic coating and paint correction would totally lift its appearance ? however putting up a £1k first ???
  5. Decided with your comments to wax and wash the car this next 12 months myself I think the paintwork will eventual require a proper correction but can’t afford it at present. I had bought a buffing attachment for my cordless drill so might use that ! will try to clay bar it too although need to watch some more videos to learn but I think I need some more stuff in my cleaning toolkit ?
  6. Phil i have been looking at loads of U tube videos from car detailers and I think it’s a job left to professionals I am prepared to wash and polish the car after it’s been given the treatment as part of the ongoing maintenance I am going to have to leave it for a few months and save up for this and maybe leave it until this time next year ? I keep a few hundred aside each year for unforeseen maintenance and for the last couple of years had to pay out for regular wear and tear plus unforeseen things which has stripped my saving pot 🙁
  7. Phil are you a detailer by any chance ? I really would give it a go myself but I am DIY disaster just like Frank from Some Mothers do have em !
  8. Phil yes have given it thought buying the stuff and equipment about £250 but go no garage so the finish could be ruined by bad weather or dust /dirt been blown around ? also me being let loose on an dual sander I could knowing my skills sand the whole paintwork off ! 😮👀🙁
  9. I am surprised that not other lotus owners have shown their car got detailed ? Maybe lotus owners are more inclined to drive and track their first and foremost rather than concentrating on ascetics element of ownership ? By no means a criticism of owners but just speculation ? if I get the funds together I really want to get the paintwork and wheels sorted before mid summer when my car gets covered in tree sap & wasps !
  10. I am not sure but these detailers do blind you a tad with science ? However I am sure they not conning me but being up front ! the work I gather is like several washes to get rid of containment’s etc. Then followed by the paint correction stage or stages then a curing time , then application of ceramic coating then this left to dry. the same applies to the wheels I gather 80-90% of the cost is linked to labour charges I guess £200 a day ! I am in the wrong business me thinks lol 🤔
  11. Yes not cheap ! I thought it would be £500-700 for middle range service ? I am not sure I can go even to this level and again one quote was for single stage paint correction another quote was two stage Reep was for the lot but most expensive one guy on telephone was prepared to do a job for £500 but on my drive in one day ? Not sure as I am convinced this type of work needs to be done indoors in a controlled environment ?
  12. Reep quote was £1600 😮 however very smart facilities and professional set up lots of cars over £100k in the workshops
  13. I have another quote to get this afternoon from Reep midlands who seem to a prestigious company ? slix gave me a quote and the guy was really nice and loved the Evora said he considered getting one a few years ago, likely quote close to £1k another quote from a smaller car detailer was a few hundred pounds cheaper maybe I am bit ignorant about costs of detailing but I need to seriously consider the quotes ? 🤔
  14. Cheers Ollie i have their guy popping over this week to give a quote when he reviews the car apparently he owned vx220 so used to a lotus type but he seemed keen on trying his hands on an Evora ? I was hoping for someone to give me an actual feedback wonder if any lotus owners do get their cars detailed by professional or I guess folk do it themselves ?
  15. Anyone used Pristine detailing in Lougborough ?
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