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  1. Cheers Phil given I am with my young daughter I need to think of something to do beside her wanting to spot Nessie ! I was thinking of going on a cable car somewhere near Ben Nevis but besides that not sure what else is can I do ? I also only have a couple of days in the area before heading home
  2. Looking at doing a road trip with my daughter as she want to see Loch Ness thinking doing it over 5 days maybe stopover near Carlisle then onto fort William doing reverse on way home anyone done this and any tips first long journey road trip ever in my Evora
  3. CDM2018


    I have just started to learn how to detail a car so please know I am no expert! but from my research black paint is difficult to detail , however what I learnt is personal expectation all cars unless kept in sealed vacuum unit will be subject to weather or scarring from road use etc large surface scratches and swirls will be removed in main by decent paint correction so maybe asking a decent car detailers to quote you to get your car to specific level thereafter you maintain it ? I choose to go down DIY detailer route but now realise as I don’t have a garage will ne
  4. My Evora is parked outside only used once or twice a week , I had converted garage years ago but even if I had my garage don’t think the car would had fitted very well ? I stopped covering my car the cover was causing more issues than what it protected ? Now my cover cost £100 odd so maybe if I spent the £200 plus maybe that might be more practical in protection ? my Evora does leak especially boot TBF I think it’s a lotus quirk and you some how get used it as owner
  5. Big shame they blew it on last game but eventually the injuries to key players caught up ! Never mind I always would have taken FA cup win than going into champions league as they don’t have a squad strong enough to win that Yet !
  6. The day after lcfc creates another piece of history still can’t believe it ! big shame all the fans couldn’t be actually there to witness another step in their dream and allow all the smaller clubs to believe in dreams
  7. Had a young dad pushing a stroller in supermarket car park see me drive by and lost control of stroller both child and dad were thankfully ok
  8. Many years ago I picked my Subaru Impreza around 1991 if I can remember and so proud loads of looks any admiration too. put it in the garage when I got home from dealership , locked the door and looked at it before going to bed , before I could make smile of proudness the kids bike hanging on the wall fell off and landed on side of car , causing small dent to side of roof and scratches to paint work ! 😮 so after 5 hours ownership car damaged never parked a car in my garage ever again , even converted it to office few years later
  9. CDM2018

    Isle of Mann

    Just check what flights are available ? There used to be flights from East Mids which was axed then I think Birmingham went same way which leave Liverpool or Manchester or London and if you need to drive to north west might as well carry on to ferry port ?
  10. CDM2018

    Isle of Mann

    I work every year in IOM I usually take ferry but drive my company car the roads are very thrilling as generally you tend to use the TT routes especially those over the mountain pass going from Douglas to Ramsey a few guys on TLF go regular for a blast in their Lotus cars or other makes and proclaim a fab time while the TT routes are not speed restricted when you hit the towns/villages there can be brutal speed cameras so be warned best avoid TT time as the place is normally stacked with visitors etc I tend to go either late summer or October
  11. That’s a great hack to use the dryer water from the condenser ! Going to bottle it from now on I thought the clay lube has some special stuff in it ? I have Bilt Hamer snow foam and wheel cleaner a U tube video suggested the brand also does a good containment cleaner
  12. Well done Phil i took easy route when I had a wrap added the same guys kindly applied the shark fin to body I don’t think they charged me? anyway it’s still on so they must had did a good job. One little comment a car detailer commented that the colour had faded and suggested he include a touch up of shark fin if he got the job. I might do it now I am likely to wax car myself so will need to mask of body to repaint the shark fin
  13. Believe me when these car detailers quoted their costs I really thought I was in the business ! I guess their costs are 80% labour related I concluded that this year I will give my car a DIY work out , try the clay barring and intense waxing with a hope it works ?
  14. I think given my car sit year around outside and late summer subjected to tree sap the ceramic coating and paint correction would totally lift its appearance ? however putting up a £1k first ???
  15. Decided with your comments to wax and wash the car this next 12 months myself I think the paintwork will eventual require a proper correction but can’t afford it at present. I had bought a buffing attachment for my cordless drill so might use that ! will try to clay bar it too although need to watch some more videos to learn but I think I need some more stuff in my cleaning toolkit ?
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