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  1. I think he gets a little bit of a bad coverage ? How many 6 times world champions have we produced here in the last 50 years ? if he does go on to equal and surpass MS record doesn’t he deserve all the praise and accolade the title of the greatest F1 driver gets ? also surprise he hasn’t been given a gong in one of honours list ? Certainly there been given for a lot less ?
  2. Rang this place on Thursday to enquire a quote for my Evora brake discs and pads replacement all wheels they took my details and I am waiting for a return call with quote ?
  3. Not heard of this outfit might give them a call and ask them to price up my all round brake disc and pads replacement ? getting my Evora MOT hopefully tomorrow supposed to had it Monday but my storm lotus man was unwell so had to reschedule for Thursday
  4. Not used him yet until next week but I am taking my Evora to Jon at Legacy Storm A few here had used him when there was Lotus in Leicester I guess you need to look at distance but I look forward to deal with Jon but I had used Central Lotus who were great too
  5. Matty not sounding nosey but was is expensive and did he come to you or did you leave car ?
  6. Agreed I assume even the most basic job will be at least 2-3 hours ? I guess there’s seems to be no local (Midlands) based person who can restore car interiors ?
  7. Just looked at website not sure if I end up needing to leave the car overnight so will have to consider travel arrangements and I think the price is high but I guess to reflect the workmanship ?
  8. My seat down the drivers side is coming away so I would like to know the same also noticed that the front of the dash cover near the windscreen was stapled never seen this until the car was jacked up. i am thinking maybe of getting the interior wrapped as a cost effective quicker solution ?
  9. CDM2018


    Hi Andy i had my Evora S1 wrapped by Signsuk in Hinckley, they do majority of work for Silverstone so I opted to go with them and I live about 25 mins away so local. they did a lovely job even redone my wing mirror as it wasnt perfect but they sorted it as they wanted to make sure it was correct. the vinyl used was very good , I went for a carbon fibre look on roof and mirrors and Matt black on side sills and front splitter
  10. So it’s seems the PS4 S is to way to go I am never likely to see a track and so my car is only weekend and school run about 6-7k max a year. would PS4 S still be ok ? Also my current 225/40 Pirelli is it case to go for extra width as I like thought to protect the rims ?
  11. Why is it that the Michelin PS4 such a recommendation has no other tyres been tried ? I assume the PS4 are good tyres but there must be other alternative tyres which are good if not better ? Reading some Elise drivers they seem to favour Yokohama I just wondered would that brand not extend to Evora ? i will need a couple of front tyres by summer I expect , can I mix PS4s with Pirelli’s ?
  12. Is this indie specialist still open ? Has anyone used them in recent months ?
  13. CDM2018

    MLOC Evoras

    Hi fellow Evora owners 😋 I am over in Leicestershire not seen another Evora other than around Cambridge recently my red NA is great plenty of power but fab road presence , just finished Headunit and sub/amp replacement today still not managed to get to local meet and missed lotus 70 and lotus in peaks cant seem to get commitments synced but will try better in future !
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