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  1. Timing chain on the Toyota engine, something you don't have to worry about snapping.
  2. The fuse box is alarmed? Now that's security!
  3. Indicators only work with the ignition on, wipers work on the accessory position. Double-check that for your model, but it suggests a fuse or ignition problem rather than the dash itself. Check what does and doesn't work. Reversing light might give a good clue. Hazards? Any tell-tales at all on the dash, such as an alarm light or main beam indication?
  4. Usually attributed to moisture, especially when it gets trapped against the paint, but it can also be caused when moisture gets at the back surface of the shell. Annoying when it shows up on the visible surfaces like this, it is more common in hidden areas like under the doors. You're unlikely to get rid of it without a respray, and even then it is hard to make sure it doesn't come back. The bubbles represent areas where liquid has collected in voids in the GRP, so at a minimum you need to clean back the gelcoat and dry out the glass. Then good ventilation and possibly sealing the back
  5. That is the vacuum hose to actuate the supercharger bypass valve. Doesn't need a clip. You could try seating it more fully if you want, but should be OK as is. I don't think most Exige 350 owners work on their cars much, so technical knowledge is probably a bit thin on the ground. Not sure why the other hose is sleeved. Do the two hoses touch?
  6. Doesn't sound right. Especially if only on one side. All sorts of suspension bushes and ball joints that can squeak when they get a bit past their best. Early Lotus Elise suspensions weren't renowned for whisper-quiet refinement but they weren't super-squeaky when new. Can't imagine they should be on a newer model.
  7. Removing seats isn't too hard. Hard with the roof on! Four socket screws in the base of each seat. Slightly tricky access for some of them but an allen key will do it easily enough. They might be threadlocked so tough to get started. Be very careful putting them back not to cross-thread them. Start them by hand and they should go in fairly easily. Undo the seat belt attachment on the door side and lift the seat out. Or leave the seatbelts attached but you won't get the seats very far. Remember the order of the various washers. Carpets on your car I'm not sure, but OEM ones wo
  8. The timeline misses out some variations, including the non-serif Elan version, similar to the black one shown but in green and yellow. Lotus seem to be going with black and silver for the Evija, Some people have fitted them on Elises, works better on some colours than others. Or green and yellow really doesn't work with some colours if you want to look at it that way.
  9. The Lotus badge has changed a number of times over the years, so don't get too hung up on the heritage. I wouldn't be keen on having a nose badge that's looks like a child's sticker on my car though. Haven't seen the new design on any dealer signage, but I try to stay away from shiny pretty (expensive!) things. Or maybe it was only ever intended for paper and online, not real 3D objects. The new design is all over Norwich City though, so maybe they're still working on the nose badges.
  10. This is an S2, right? Some got two toe link heat shields, some didn't. Not sure whether it is by model year or engine power or just random. The driver's side is further from the exhaust so less of a problem, but I put one on my S1 anyway.
  11. **cou ...dangerous write-off... gh**
  12. There are at least a couple of different grilles, but I think they all go on the same with a bunch of self-tapping screws into spire clips. Fastened from the other side of course, but I think you can get to them from underneath without taking off the clam. When you've finished messing with the undertray, you might wish you'd taken the clam off! Side grilles slightly different, think you can reach those from the wheel arch.
  13. Alternator is right behind your head.
  14. Not a lot for the MOT guys to see on the Elise. Unless the brakes fail or you forgot to put the cat back on, you should be good :)
  15. Google images quickly shows two or three other names. Presumably some sort of team leaders rather than heroes that build entire cars on their own. The "Hand built by Jim Clark" plaque should probably be treated as a special case.
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