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  1. newbie

    Hi Simon, I live in a village near Tamworth. Give me a shout if you fancy a meet up sometime and maybe a little drive out! Have a great, safe drive tomorrow, hopefully join in another day!
  2. newbie

    New to the group as well and looking forward to a run out. What area of the Midlands are you in?
  3. Making the most of the fantastic weather

    No probs, some other time, real life gets in the way sometimes.
  4. Making the most of the fantastic weather

    Ah well, just me then. Enjoy Love Island!
  5. So roof off and a few country lanes round Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth area this evening. Anyone care to join me for an hour, or are you all watching Love Island?
  6. Unit 4 Lotus Speacialist

    Thanks for the comments everyone. My confusion is now cleared up. I am sure both will give excellent service. #spoiltforchoice
  7. Unit 4 Lotus Speacialist

    Hi All, slightly confused, need to find a Lotus speacilaist near me. Been told Gav at Unit 4 in Burton is a good place to go to. But searching on line I have found two different speacialists in Burton on Trent? PJS sports cars at unit 4, Lancaster park, Needwood and Unit 4 prestige and general vehicles, Hawkins lane, Burton, both Lotus speacialists. Which one to visit? Surprised ther are 2 in such close proximity!

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    If anyone is thinking of selling their Elise S2 111S or 111R please let me know. Budget up to 17K max. Anything considered, brighter colours preferred. Must have good history and not too high mileage. Thanks



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