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  1. Sticky starter fixed

    Soon after buying my S2/Rover Elise, it required several goes before the starter-motor would turn, e.g. turn the key and hear a click; turn again and same thing; 3rd go it would fire up without a problem. I'd like to say I fixed this... it was always 'will it start?' - gives some ansxiety when some miles from home. Last summer was great - used the car several times per week. At some point, the start-motor problem went away... the car just needed using... isn't this the best kind of fix you'll ever need?
  2. Heater Fix

    I managed to free my 'stuck' heater control (S2, Rover, 2002 - cable) by removing the passenger-side front flap and washer bottler. I found I could manuipulate the lever on top of the heater by-hand. So... whilst my wide attempted to meove the control from hot to cold (and back), I sprayed on some WD-40 and manipulated the control by hand - it freed after around 10s ... works fine now.
  3. Head Gasket

    Friend and I took our KSeries Midgets to Nurburgring for a spin; his 'head-gasket' went whilst we were enjoying a drive in the environs - so his car was shipped home and we carried on in mine. The symptoms were: excess gasssing was causing the coolant to be ejected, when the engine was under-load, and severe over-heating. I wasn't sure the gasket had gone, after a number of tests, but couldn't put a finger on it! Back home some weeks later, he took the head off and the gasket was in good condition; he skimmed the head and put it all back together. It still continued to lose water from the cap... and so he tried another one, and the 'head-gasket' was cured. It turned out that he'd replaced the expansion tank a couple of weeks before the trip from a top-name supplier... and they'd given him the wrong cap !!! It seemed to fit well, but clearly didn't. I wonder how many 'head-gasket-fails' are the result of something similar?
  4. Starter motor “click”

    Thx vm Jonathan. Will see how the clicks progress... will need to work outside, so maybe this is a job for a dry day in June/July... I guess standard Rover starter is fine?
  5. Starter motor “click”

    Hi Jonathan I have same symptoms. Normally starts fine; occasionally goes' click', but starts fine when key turned again. So, likely the S-M but of course could be a bad connection. I think I'll buy a S-M in any case, and if I find any loose connections on the way, then I might fix that and see what happens. I would be grateful for some hints on S-M replacement - I am new to Elise (but not KSeries engines - have one in my Midget, but that has a T9 box and Cateerham bell-housing, so S-M behind exhaust down-pipes); e.g. taking off the tray... the simplest things....! TIA Anthony
  6. Thanks - I will give it a 'ping' and see what happens...
  7. I'm waiting for a neighbour to visit relatives in NZ for a couple of months (does this every year; I look after his house, and have use of his garage...), so I can put the S2/KSeries in their garage for the duration and 1) free-up the heater/temp control (it's stuck at 1/4-past); 2) free up on of the rear callipers (v slight binding). After this, I might mod the TB to give a little more top-end (worked well on the 1.8MPi I have in my MG Midget). Looks a bit boring compared with entries above... but I've only had the car since Sept (2002, 23k miles) and I want a summer's motoring before I decide what I want to do with it... BTW - I have a rattle from around the driver's rear wheel-arch over bumps... it's a classic damped sheet-metal rattling against something... any ideas?
  8. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
  9. Item: Non Loti Other

    Name: Non Loti Other Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2017-11-16 Submitter: MG Ant Non Loti Other
  10. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
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  12. S2 Elise Standard

    S2 Elise Standard
  13. Item: S2 Elise Standard

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