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  1. Average life for a car battery is said to be 4 to 6 years. We've used ctek on cars boats and caravans for years with out issue. I'd say 10 years was a good run.
  2. Not sure you can blame the CTEK on a 10 year old battery.
  3. Hi Paul Paul at PJS did mine as part of its service. Would recommend PJS Lotus great service and very knowledgeable, also Lotus factory approved. Rich
  4. Either sat or sun is good for me that weekend. Richard
  5. Hi Phil I did a tour as part of a driving academy day. It was interesting, I'd be up for attending so long as I can fit it around work. Richard
  6. I've got some gtechniq c5 to try on the wheels although I think the 111R wheels could do with a refurbish first. Richard
  7. I've used PJS for my Elise, great service and a courtesy car. Richard
  8. R5K

    2020 MLOC Calendar

    Hi Just looked in the store and it says the 2019 Calendar is out of stock. Are they all gone or will there be some available to purchase? Rich
  9. Mine has arrived today as well. loving June and October. Richard
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    From the album: R5K 19

  11. R5K


    From the album: R5K 19

  12. R5K


    From the album: R5K 19

  13. R5K


    From the album: R5K 19

  14. R5K


    From the album: R5K 19

  15. R5K


    From the album: R5K 19

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