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  1. Garage to Service 111R

    According to the Lotus schedule, pre 2010 annually post 2010 every 2 years. Dealer said that it should be done every two years.
  2. Garage to Service 111R

    Hi All Got the Service and MOT done at PJS yesterday. Excelent service, Only real extra was a change of the Brake and cluch fluid which was off the scale above 4%. I am going to need some new front tyres soon as the old ones are cracked although it passed the MOT, Any recommendations of where and what tyres to fit on the front at the moment it has the origanal Yokohama AD07 LTS tyres fitted, I am only using it on the road, good performance in damp and cold would be good. Richard
  3. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Interested, any day although Fridays might be harder in the summer..
  4. damned MOT

    I fixed my fog Lights and made a post here if the light doesn't come on when you press the button its probabally the switch pack relay. The module is over £100 but if your handy with a soldering iron the relay was less tha £5... Richard
  5. Garage to Service 111R

    Is Unit 4 an MOT test center or does he send them to someone else for the test? Only test center I can find for that post code is M AND P TESTING... Rich
  6. Door waist seals - any interest?

    I would be interested in the cost of stainless ones as mine are buldging a bit from corrosion inside. Richard
  7. Garage to Service 111R

    Any experiences good or bad with http://www.pjslotus.co.uk I assume this is Gav at unit 4? http://www.unit4vehicleservices.co.uk sounds like Gav is a favorite... Rich
  8. Garage to Service 111R

    Hi All Anyone use / used / recomend these https://www.stonesautogarage.com for servicing? going to be looking for somewhere near Chesterfield for MOT and service for my Elise 111R soon. Richard
  9. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone, Looking forward to some good weather next year. The Factory tour was great as part of a Driving experiance with the LDA.
  10. The 2018 Calendar

    Got mine today to, Liking the January Picture... Rich
  11. Fixed My Fog Lights

    Hi My Elise 111R rear Fog lights wouldn't turn on, all the other lights were working ok. After testing the LED fitting and all the fuses and the button, Cables and researching online I dismanteled the the Gauge cluster and removed the switch pack modulem. A quick test of the relays with my multimeter showed the coil for one of the relays had blown. I donloaded the data sheet for the relay and after some reseach online I found a TYCO equivelent to the installed relay and also some one who had used the same relay on a VX220 for the centeral locking. I used a solder sucker to unsolder the relay from the switch module and replaced the faulty relay and then re assembled the switchpack and plugged it in. Tested all the lights and they all now work including the rear fog lights. The relay I used for the repair is available from ebay and amazon and is sold as a Fiat Power Stearing relay, but it is an exact match for the old ones. Part No V23072-C1061-A308. I then reassembled the dash and hope that I will be ok. There are 5 of the same relay on the board and I did consider changing them all but it was quite hard to remove the faulty one so I have at the moment ony done the faulty one. Here are some pictures for anyone else who has this issue. Richard
  12. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    Thanks Phil, looks like the extra album has gone. Think the original photos I tried were too big. Rich
  13. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    HELP - First time I tried to put the pictures into an album is broke on the add info step and now there are 2 Albums with the same name but I can't see anyway to delete one of them? Rich
  14. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    Any Particular size (resolution) for the photos? Rich

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