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  1. R5K

    2020 MLOC Calendar

    Hi Just looked in the store and it says the 2019 Calendar is out of stock. Are they all gone or will there be some available to purchase? Rich
  2. Mine has arrived today as well. loving June and October. Richard
  3. R5K

    Advise please

    Hi I live near Chesterfield and have had a couple of services and mots. Plus a new alloy radiator and fans and other bits at pjs and would recommend PJS. Richard
  4. Hi I can Highly recommend PJS. Rich
  5. I asked about this a while back. I've since used PJS for all my Servicing and repairs. Rich
  6. If its not a steep slope, hard to tell of the Pic, if you went on a bit further and then reverse back onto some caravan type leveling ramps to raise the rear end up to level? Something like this: on mine ths issue isn't the holes in your picture its the ones at the front corner (large arrow) and the water pools at the back (small arrow). Mine only leaks if i open the boot that I've noticed after cleaning but it lives in a garage. My drive slopes upto the garage.
  7. I have issues if I park nose up, the drains are at the front of the boot back of the engine bay, if the nose is up hill the water just sits in the lip when you open the boot it goes in.
  8. If you can solder the relays are really cheap. I did my fog lights which I believe is the same relay. I posted some pictures when I did it Rich
  9. R5K

    LitP 2019 help

    Hi Dean etc Happy to help in any way I can. Rich
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