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  1. Hello, I’m after some advice re the fitment of later Elise/Exige S2 rear LED lights to an earlier 2002 Elise S2 K-series. 1) Are the units (C120M0034F outboard & B120M0035F inboard) just ‘plug and play’ or is it necessary to fit additional jump harnesses/ballast units/resistors, as well as a new flasher relay? It seems that the EU units do not require? 2) Some of the earlier rear light LEDs seemed temperamental, is there a cut-off part number or ID on the units to identify later more reliable rear lights? Any experience or advice would be much appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. Shaun

    Elise Series 2 Type 25
  3. Elise S2 Type 25 Door Roundel Dimension

    Many thanks for taking the time to make this calculation, appreciated!
  4. Hello, if anyone owns an Elise S2 Type 25 SC with the original Lotus fitted door roundels would you be kind enough to let me know the overall diameter? Would like to have some pattern items made up unless anyone has a set for sale! Many thanks!

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