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  1. 3 minutes ago, Daveb99 said:

    Hehe well I’ve only really been sorting out all the rusty, worn and broken stuff Ray, it’ll get a good regular thrashing when it’s finished, honest 👍🏻

    it will be great to do a run with you and see the your hard work in the flesh when the madness allows , :) 

  2. 23 minutes ago, Phil S1 said:

    I have finally finished the Super Corsair, parts used in the construction this time were Correx, plywood (wing spar), balsa (spinner), two pop bottles (rear canopy section and engine fairing), the metal bottom of a Pringles tube and kebab sticks (pilot's seat), plastic drink straws (exhausts) and white cut vinyl for all the graphics. Thanks also to Laura for sorting me out with photo-shopped and resized prints for the engine and cockpit detail.

    I still have the paper plans to build 2 other aircraft although I'm not sure I dare start building another one just yet 😁


    absolutely excellent Phil :clap:

  3. 18 minutes ago, duncx said:

    It's taken a while but Phase 2 is now complete, we have a shiny new kitchen floor (reclaimed maple) and all fully insulated underneath. Decorating and new kitchen cupboards next!




    Very Nice good work Dunc :tup:

  4. 17 minutes ago, chris_h said:

    43BB2616-17FA-46B1-8B0C-55B43822F4C8.thumb.jpeg.921787b9ca8920f56ca2cbd9679faa1e.jpegD0C86490-D7E2-4FC2-B77A-FAEB0100F4F6.thumb.jpeg.c1f6b91aae479cec58c738626921bf5e.jpeg8F6F7326-4F9B-4E2C-95E4-87D012012EE8.thumb.jpeg.a8b49396b48c42838367ac1f25b8fed4.jpeg4A6A2E75-4E7A-462D-8751-DF3740B5D190.thumb.jpeg.636ec7fb7e85188271050ddb4ccb61bc.jpeg48420EAB-C3FA-4B3A-971A-20F83D63FF2C.thumb.jpeg.d0297f8a6cc7aa1cf4e61a769251aaf8.jpegBrake callipers were looking a bit beat up, so a couple of coats of high temp paint later looking good as new.



    very brave spraying them on the car, but they look A MILLION DOLLARS :tup:

  5. 1 hour ago, Phil S1 said:

    I've been making steady progress on my latest scratch-built Correx r/c slope soarer. It's quite a distinctive shape so no prizes for guessing what it is.


    y the Lotus has been reduced to a workbench these days 😁



    well it's not a focker! 🤣 sorry Phil couldn't  resist that. seriously it's looking very good 👍 but get it off the Lotus 🙂

  6. 9 minutes ago, Phil S1 said:

    I know it's a long lap round the Ring Ray but was it really February when you started 😄

    🤣 think it was January and the way I'm driving I might get round by November 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Just been on my lowly Logitech set up on AC,(  I can't afford your fantastic rig )  jezz I'm bloody knackered its as tough as old rope and that was on beginner set up, but very addictive, I didn't want to decorate anyway!!!!! 🤣

  8. 22 hours ago, jonnyfox said:

    Ok so my friends...
















    I've just done an hour 15 at Spa in a GTC Evora. Awesome and sweaty! It's hard work. Lots of forced feedback, a little too aggressive but all to enjoy and calibrate.  


    Are you using Forza? or other game/sim Jonny

  9. On 27/03/2020 at 23:22, Daveb99 said:

    She can’t be half as unhappy as mine Jonny - front clam has been on the dining table for over 9 weeks now - ice doesn’t get any thinner than what I’m standing on 😳

    and your here to tell the story!!!! :o

    She's a saint :)

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