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  1. Welcome Aboard Joe, if your want to Join a Run keep an eye on the events Thread, I look forward to seeing you and your car



    ps Great Pic by the way :) 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Adtmits said:

    Getting a bit excited now!


    your not going to sleep tonight :) 

    If I wasn't working I would pop down to see you pick it up

    hope it goes well

  3. 1 hour ago, lotus111 said:

    Have seen the car in the flesh it looks stunning with the yellow calipers and yellow stitching. Wish my 410 had arm rest you do miss them. Congratulations great car 👍

    Enjoy :) 

  4. 7 hours ago, PJT said:

    Oh, is there a Sunday morning run?

    not that I'm aware of Pete, but I am just going to put one up :) very short notice, forecast possible light rain and breezy, see events


  5. thanks Paul I will look forward to having a look at the route

    there are a couple of rules to follow 

    1)  groups of more than 12 cars require an MSA licence

    2) covid distancing rules must be followed

    at the moment being no more than 6 people so 6 cars if one person per car

    and keeping  2 meters apart.


  6. Hi Paul, I would love a run across Lincolnshire, if you have your car back on the road set one up I'm sure it would be great fun

    or send me a route and I will arrange a run :) 


  7. 23 hours ago, Broadside said:

    Didn't think so really but I'd rather have a day out in the Lotus than the 3 cylinder Focus!

    you would do better to cruise the Peak's and get some fish n chips at Matlock bath, I had some there last week a proper treat :)


  8. On 11/06/2020 at 16:51, collieek said:

    I have found a couple of people quite local who will supply and fit at my house both have experience, between 360 and 500 depending on glass manufacturer. Autoglass wanted 1100 to start with then came down to 800.

    is it not covered on your insurance?

  9. 2 hours ago, Phil S1 said:

    Thanks everyone for all the comments.

    Whilst I could build 8 more Andrew, flying 9 in formation would be more than a little tricky, flying just one is challenging enough for me at times!

    Dave, we fly in the Leek area, near some of the LitP routes around Longnor but where and when exactly is very much dependent on the weather and wind direction and can often be a bit last minute as a result. Once we start getting back out again and things start returning to some kind of normality I'll try and let you (and Ray) know where we'll be in case you can make it one day 🙂

    Thanks Phil

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