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  1. I hope the time was taken to get it perfect for you
  2. jezz thats one high horse you got yourself on there Dave😂
  3. Looking at the snow I'm glad I didn't go and look at it today!!!
  4. OK so My thoughts today, I Love the car and colour, and if it wasn't so far away and easy to just pop and have a look it would be easier to decide, maybe its I've had a busy day and I'm a bit no a lot tired I feel a bit negative about making a decision to buy. it could be gone tomorrow but I may well feel different so if its gone the decision will be made for me now where's my pistols
  5. lol off to bed we will have to see what happens tomorrow
  6. oh well off to bed got blinking work tomorrow
  7. thats what I thought, but it now seems a friend is also after it not worth falling out over a car so we will see what happens
  8. PH and Autotrader private sale concerns me its so cheap but a very nice car have a look someone we know is also looking at it I have now found out
  9. well peeps I'm having a mad mo,, there is an autumn Gold Exige 410 for sale 2020 62K 1300mls so Cheap I have almost decided to buy it what your thoughts? ( I would keep my Elise) I have spoke with the seller and it seems OK? had its1000 ml service is there anything that COULD EFFECT THE WARRANTY? I need to check?
  10. Sorry I cant offer any advise, as what I know about mechanics can be written on the back of a match box🤣 but what I can say is welcome to Lotus ownership I just know your going to enjoy it GREAT CAR!!!
  11. Hi Mark, a cup 250 is made for the track, maybe not this one from what Scot say's the aero is made to work with the hardtop on track for best performance , but as Scot says it can be taken off, a 220 sport is not quite as capable on track but not that far behind, the supercharger give's both the cup and 220 a very linear power delivery so great fun. so what ever you end up getting it will be great to see you on a run when things allow cheers Ray
  12. Have a Great New Year Everyone!!!
  13. you must feel like a kid on Christmas morning now we need a few pics of Adams
  14. It's cheaper for next year to become a paid up member rather than buying one.
  15. someones left the bin out again 😂
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