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  1. Exige S - Elise SC - Exige V6


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    Private buyer with cash looking for next purchase. Particularly interested in Green/Orange colours but other options may interest. £23,000-£30,000 price guide. And yes, I am aware that a V6 will not likely be in my budget but you never know. u2u me with what you have or may have to sell should you be considering. Regards Mike


  2. Stunning Aubergine 111R

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Stunning Aubergine Lotus Elise 111R Car Spec 2005 111R (Aubergine) Only 11 ever made in the UK (Vehicle of provenance to prove) 57,800 miles 2Bular 6'' Twin Exit Exhaust TRD Airfilter Black Alloy Wheels Black Fuel Filler Surround (Original Available) ECU Remap 5600rpm Cam change I've now owned it for over 3 years and had built some fantastic memories both on my own and on trips out with my Wife in it. The car has never let me down and been very reliable. I've been a member of NYLOC/MLOC for a while now and had some amazing trips with both clubs. The car itself has been to many car shows and clearly well recognized among the community. Highlight for me (As shown in picture) is being taken to my wedding in convoy with a few friends from the Lotus community. Condition of the car is excellent given that it's now a 13 year old car. Most people who see it would suggest a lot newer based on visual condition. Age related marks can be found however very few and consummate with being a low down sports car. I've tried to keep the car as original as possible with the below exceptions: 2Bular 6'' Twin exit exhaust (Sounds just right) TRD Air filter Black Alloy Wheels (Superb Condition) 5600rpm Lower Cam change (Makes the car a whole lot more drivable) All ball joints recently changed and drop links Brand new Clutch just fitted I've always ran the car on super unleaded and given the car a good warm up before heading off anywhere. It has recently been given a full clean MOT with no advisories at all. The car has been serviced every year by dealer/lotus specialists however this year was the first time It's been serviced by me. This is a basic service with all nescessary oils changed with only the best stuff. I've pampered the car throughout my ownership and take great pride treating it to a clean/polish using god knows how many products at no expense spared again. Points to note: (The Negative) Drivers window requires new top guide blocks (Already have new ones ready to fit) Waist seals on windows have corrosion near the mirror (Very common) Couple of small marks here and there (Very few given age of car and due to near full armourfend protection) Driver air vent fin broken but replacement can be sourced for less than £20 That's about all I can think of negative wise. As said originally, I am currently looking at options and this is dependant on genuine interest. This car is much loved and I imagine there to only be 4 or 5 currently left on the UK roads in this variant/colour. u2u me for enquiries. Car will be available to drive away from 8th August if right price/deal can be made. Test drives/viewings available upon request from 21st July to 3rd August depending on finding a slot/time to suit. Thanks.


  3. Close call

    That's got to be a seagull.
  4. Door waist seals - any interest?

    How's this progressing RE: tooling quotes? Trying to hold off on ordering some of the original ones as I know they are overpriced and will eventually corrode again. If I can help in any way, please u2u me. Seem's a lot of people are in demand of a nice rust free alternative.
  5. Lotus in the Peak

    Fantastic. Speaking of which, I broke my litp gold decal on car.. Wonder if any are left? Want to wear it with pride on my car. Enjoyed last years event immensely.
  6. S2 Elise wanted!

    If I was him I'd be going for this beauty https://classifieds.seloc.org/ads/s2-111s/
  7. M100 purchase

    Fancy something a little different? Someone local to me is selling up and has this Sat in his garage.. looking for offers.
  8. Oakmere Lotus - Northwich

    Sounds like a top service from Oakmere. I was looking at using Chris Foulds for servicing this year as I hear good things from there too.
  9. easter pressie for the elise

    2Bular? Looks to be by design but also by your comment
  10. Door waist seals - any interest?

    How are you getting on with this? Have you managed to source some waist seals?
  11. Lotus Vehicle Of Provenance

    £82.50 for my version. Didn't realize how rare my car was.
  12. Lotus Vehicle Of Provenance

    Decided to pay silly money for full vehicle of provenance information on my car. Will laminate and keep in a folder or even framed. Be nice for me and future owner.
  13. Lotus in the Peak photos

    I'll see what we took and email a few over if helpful. Also have that video I uploaded of us all leaving together. https://youtu.be/_JjperJBnNM
  14. Door waist seals - any interest?

    Try jct600.. Alternatively you could buy some new ones for someone to pass on their used ones. Or use the new ones to chop up if it'll be worth it in the long run. I need mine replacing and both already off the car but need to replace them with some others.
  15. Door waist seals - any interest?

    I was referring to Elise shop. See earlier comment from person asking.

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