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  1. Darren888

    Does Elise 111s s2 have airbags?

  2. Hi, again daft question. I think the answer is no but want to check with people who clearly know lotus cars. Does my elise s2 111s (2004) have driver airbag?? Thinking about replacing it.
  3. Darren888

    Vibrations at high speed?!

    Sounds like a real possibility, I’ve had both the pads and disc replaced recent enough. Just don’t know if the calipers need replacing also or the brake disc fitted were faulty? Thanks for this suggestion going to explore further, much appreciated!!!👍
  4. Darren888

    Vibrations at high speed?!

    Tried but with no luck. Thanks
  5. Darren888

    Vibrations at high speed?!

    Not track focused tyres just yoko ad07....think I’m going to end up at oakmere again. Went in for MOT at oakmere late last year and I mentioned the vibration but they didn’t notice anything, obviously they couldn’t test at c80/90mph. Thanks 👍
  6. Darren888

    Vibrations at high speed?!

    Doesn’t appear to have any excessive movement. But thanks for the suggestion. 👍
  7. Darren888

    Vibrations at high speed?!

    Hi, I’m not mechanical so apologise in advance. Any one ideas of what may need fixing on my s2 elise, horrendous vibrations from passenger side front wheel at speeds above c.90mph, garages won’t obviously test drive at those speeds so it’s becoming a real pain. All I’ve had done so far is get all the wheels balanced. Could this be the tracking?? Or is there something common in elise that causes this fault? Bushes maybe but which ones?! Any help is appreciated. Thanks Darren.

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