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  1. Hi So, I replaced my 111s Elise circa 18months ago for a S2 exige Toyota lump thinking it'll be bullet proof (I've done less then 500miles in that time). It doesn't seem to be the case for me, I dropped the car off with oakmere last week and just been told that the engine needs to come out, crank would need machining,tappets......the list went on at which point I stopped listening and felt sick of the thought of the potential bill. Long story short I think I'm on the hunt for a replacement engine as this might actually be the most cost effective option for me (damage limitation at this point). Could you kind souls please point me in the direction of any reputable lotus centres that have or maybe able to source a new, reconditioned or second hand engine with a warranty? (does such a thing exist.....sorry I don't know) Has anyone replaced a 2zz engine like for like and how much are you talking? Is the engine in the s and non s identical, except for the supercharger? (just thinking if its not much more do I switch it up?) I've noticed there is a big trend in switching to Honda lumps, but I'd be honest I was alittle shocked when I heard the bills are c.£12k+ (omg) Any experience or advise would be hugely appreciated. And no im not mechanically confident to tackle such a job myself, unless you want a laugh! I'm based in Cheshire, so thinking of giving a couple of Lotus specialist garages a call this week up north. (think PNM and Phoenix). But, wanted advise and thoughts from people that know a lot more then I. Thanks in advance.
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