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Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

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  1. Still searching for my dream S1 Exige......
  2. No, after significant research on this particular car and having a spec I wasn't over keen on, I took the tough decisions not to go for it in the end.
  3. Not looking for a debate on market value, but I've updated my wanted ad for my countinued search for an S1 Exige
  4. Hmmm, very nice...... please tell me more!
  5. Will do, although hopefully everything will work out this time! Have you still got that lovely black S1?
  6. It isn't advertised, but I'll post some details and pics if/when I get it.....
  7. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I've got the engine number, just waiting to get pic of chassis stamp. Rolling road print out was 185.4bhp at 7880rpm, is that usual for a 190 VHPD with an Emerald? Looking at photos of other Exiges, it looks like a few of them might have been built with Elise cam covers from the factory! Cheers
  8. Hi, please can someone help me out, probably stupid questions but how do I confirm the following: - where is the engine number located - how do I confirm if its an original matching numbers car (is there a metal VIN plate somewhere or just confirmed by looking in the logbook & HPI report)? - Should the engine have 'Exige' written on the cam cover (I understand some may have been built with 'Elise' covers!)? I'm yet to view the car and only have a few photo's to go off Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please be gentle Engine.bmp
  9. I've been looking forward to Lotus ownership for some time now, but still not having much success with my search! Please PM me if you are thinking of selling your S1 Exige or know of any others coming up for sale. Cheers, Kevin
  10. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi Simon, your not going mad. I was responding to your previous post and somehow managed to delete my whole thread. I've asked admin if they can reinstate it, but not sure if they can! I also posted a wanted add in the Classifieds Section, in the slim chance that someone is looking to part with their S1 Exige.
  12. Thanks for all the constructive comments, advice and opinions so far, much appreciated. I've reworded my first post a little, just to clarify what I'm looking for. I personally believe my budget is fair for my requirements and certainly don't expect it to get me an immaculate/fully restored, low mileage car, with a fully stamped Lotus history etc. I guess time will tell! Out of curiosity, how many cars have actually achieved sale prices in excess of £30k.....? In the past couple of years I've not seen many advertised for sale on the open maket, particularly above that level and they didn't necessarily achieve their asking price! Presumably most S1 Exige sales have been undertaken privately between owners club members? Either way, as long as I can personally justify the price, I'm willing to pay whatever fair market value dictates at the time
  13. Now if I need some motivation/justification to significantly up my budget, that would be it. Simply stunning, what a beauty you have there Cakes, Time for a change? Thanks for the welcome messages everyone
  14. Hi I'm new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself. I've been a member over on exiges.com for a couple of years, but other than my scale models and purchasing an Exige themed number plate (sad I know) I'm yet to purchase my first Lotus. Now finally in a position to seriously look for a S1 Exige (not a converted Elise). Preferably looking for one in black, but other colours considered. Will also consider any condition, original specification or modified, including Honda conversions etc. Ideally looking at circa £30k, but can increase where necessary for the right car! Please let me know if you are thinking of selling or know any coming up for sale. I appreciate they don't often come up for sale, but I'm hoping to be lucky enough to find one! Kevin