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  1. Ok guys I've took the plunge, decided to take the rear clam off (😫Jeeezuz 3 snapped bolts, another job to the list) FULLY drained the system as I am planning on waterless coolant. I personally don't think the clams have EVER been off. I took a full picture as I know some people like to explore pics lol anyway I think I have JUST caught the head gasket in time so the head is going to get the full overhaul, head skimmed if needed, cam seals, stem seals & valve seats cleaned new timing belt & tensioner (manual) water pump already new. I won't be rushing this job as I need to wait f
  2. Thanks for the replies guys but i didn't think the inlet manifold held water or am i missing something?
  3. I had to film it from underneath as that was the only way to see the leakage. I'm just wondering if there is anywhere above the cylinder head gasket that could be causing the leak. I can't think of anywhere other than the head gasket Its the k series engine Well it looks like its a cylinder head overhaul with new gaskets & seals Think I might go for the waterless coolant option afterwards
  4. https://youtu.be/pqOf9pu1acU As the title says Inlet manifold being higher positioned than the head gasket has me wondering, is there somewhere else it could be coming from? All opinions welcome 🤓
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