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  1. Gav at Unit 4 is 60 miles away, it's too far to be honest, he said he'd want to keep it for a few days so it'd be a right pain for me to get home and then get back to collect it. Dan at HPE is 20 miles away, much easier for me to get the wife to follow me there and bring me home, then take me back the next morning.
  2. Good shout, just spoke to him, never knew he was there, quite a bit cheaper and obviously better for knowing the car properly.
  3. Hi guys Looking for recommendations for SENSIBLY PRICED Lotus servicing in the West Midlands for my S1 Elise, so in Worcestershire, or Warwickshire (I'm on the border). I normally do all the work on my car myself, I did the C-service last time, but this year I don't really have the spare time. I'm not far from Paul Matty, but I refuse to pay £850 for a C-service, I don't see what value they can add that warrants that price, I find them to be an obscene rip off. I've been quoted £650 by a local independent who specialises in classic car restoration and race car prep which is more li
  4. Hi had Nitron SS fitted to my S1 a couple of years ago. They needed helper springs on the back otherwise they were too low. They are fine, definitely firmer than the S2 Bilsteins I had before. Oh, they also needed the front damper mounts returning to standard S1 mounts from the S2 Bilstein mounts, so be aware of that if yours have been changed.
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