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  1. I took my lad to swimming in Studley this morning in the Elise, I do intend to go to Caffeine and Machine soon. Maybe we should arrange a mini-meet? I don't mind sorting if folks are up for it?
  2. I had this exact problem when I did mine, totally pissed me off. I snapped a bolt trying to tighten it into the dropped hole, then I drilled out the thread and totally knackered the block inside the rear frame. Ended up buying an new block from Deroure, installed it using a cable router and string so I didn't have to remove the rear clam. Sorted in the end but £80 worse off.
  3. Good shout on the LDC meets. I can see that there is also a meet at the Stag at Redhill near Alcester which is where I live, though it looks less well attended maybe?
  4. So I've been scanning the events forum from time to time hoping to see something happening vaguely near me, but nothing ever does. Are there not many members in the West Midlands? I'm talking Worcester, Evesham, South Birmingham area. I'd like to start using my car a bit more, but driving all the way to the East Midlands just to start a run or meet is a bit much when I have family commitments to take into account, the Peak District is out of the question for a casual run out. Anybody interested in such a thing?
  5. I live just outside Stratford and I've never heard of this, is it just a regular meet of cars or something? Might take my lad.
  6. Greg I know we haven't seen each other for quite a few years, but NOOOOO! You're thinking of moving to the Peak District and SELLING your Elise? That's an oxymoron IMHO. LOL, in all fairness I've had similar thoughts many times. Having a family has meant mine has pretty much been mothballed for the past 10 years, but it's now at the spray shop being done up and has had a full suspension refresh, I'm hoping to get my 6 year old lad out in it more this year and do some events. Would be great to see you and Ali again if you thought you could get out in yours. Graham
  7. Thanks guys, that sounds awesome. Yes I'd only take part in the slower groups with junior on board, gone are the days of me leading the pack like a loon and having group members asking me to "slow down please". 😄 Okay that's great, Dan will be on cloud nine to think he's going camping in the Lotus with dad. I will be bringing the complimentary bowl and quells for the weekend. (well, to be fair he's never once been car sick, so he should be okay). Great, look forward to it. Graham
  8. Hi guys After getting my car back on the road last year I'm hoping to attend a few events this year (otherwise it won't get used yet again). I'm seriously considering coming to Lotus in the Peak, but if I did I'd probably want to bring my 6 year old son and give my wife the weekend to herself. Is this possible or is it not really for kids? Does anybody else come with a small navigator? Daniel loves riding in the Elise and would really enjoy being out and about with the big boys and their fancy cars. If it's not advised then no worries, but I thought I'd check! thanks Graham
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