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  1. I'm back! (well, almost)

    Hi folks It's been a fair while since I last posted on MLOC, I've been around since 2005 and was very active here in the late 2000's, but then what with buying my first home, getting married, having a kid, moving house again, changing jobs etc etc my S1 Elise just got less use and more old. Eventually a couple of years ago I took it off the road and decided to give it some TLC in readiness for spending some quality time with it again along with my now 5 year old boy. So, it's been sat on my drive up on axle stands all this time while I have slowly taken the important parts to bits and sorted them all out. I'm finally at the stage where the front clam can go back on, the undertrays can be re-fitted, the wheels can go on and get new tyres and it will go back on the road! Things I've done include:- Full C service Front clam off New radiator fitted Heater box re-built and new heater matrix fitted All suspension removed and blasted, zinc passivated, painted and reassembled with stainless fixings New ball joints, bushes, drop links, TRE's etc fitted New Nitron SS dampers New steering arm gators New discs and pads fitted New fixings for the front clam fitted Driving light and headlight brackets taken off, stripped and painted New headlights fitted Once the car is fully back together I'll be loading it onto a trailer and taking it for a full geo somewhere and a check by a pro to make sure I haven't put things on backwards. Then Once that's done it's going for a full respray at my brother's garage and then (eventually) it'll get an interior re-trim when my wallet has recovered. Anyway, the point is that I intend to come along to a few events and gatherings this summer if all goes to plan. Hope to see some familiar faces as well as new ones! cheers Graham
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