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  1. I have a full set of R888s off my S1 give me a shout and offer me some cash they are yours, I will never track and have put ad07s on they have about 200 miles on them from when I collected the car. I am short of space so they need to go Martin
  2. Welcome to mloc, Martin
  3. Nice one Charlie looked a great day !
  4. Especially liking the photo opportunity Lancaster and a Lotus, best of British and all that, if possible would be well worth it Martin
  5. Yer I'd be up for this, never seen a Lancaster up close Martin
  6. Time for the Christmas dash lights!
  7. Afraid not just hitting the road on some small runs, the back to the grind of trying to make my house liveable with the rest of my spare time?⚒
  8. Consider it yours, will be going past your place on Saturday evening can drop it in then if your around, other wise a drive and pint sounds good another night/wknd
  9. Nice to see it back on the road Charlie, well done mate Martin ps I have subscribe!
  10. Can't make it I'm afraid mate, what about you on the Sunday run, the 3rd you know that area with work? Martin
  11. Hey mate I still have mine it's untouched and in perfect condition, you may be wondering why I haven't used it. . . Well you remember that house you sold, my little project...it's still ongoing and I think 2018's calendar on the wall is more realistic? So your mate can have this one Martin
  12. I have noticed there were 1188 views on the midland tick, 80 replies, and 12 cars on the run, this got me wondering about the maths!. As a newbie to the club I would like to congratulate the older/regular mloc members on making newcomers welcome, I am not a petrol head and have never had a car like this (Elise s1) so was unsure if I would fit in, and so have viewed many 'runs' but been apprehensive about signing up for them but after Litp and now the midland tick run where I was made to feel both welcome and appreciated i would urge any one who is unsure about taking part to just 'do it', you won't regret it (unless you turn up in a Porsche)!. The sight of a convoy of Lotus (Loti?) is amazing, being part of that convoy . . . You get the picture well done Mloc Martin
  13. Panic over! Thanks guys, hopefully see a few people and cars at Shardlow next week
  14. Hi is it just my iPad or is anyone else having problems since the new website, I see Ian has booked in for LitP, I still can't find anything in the store about tickets? Really don't want to miss out! cheers in advance Martin
  15. I have never been on one of these Mloc Sunday morning runs, but they sound great! I might have to tax the car!