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  1. Panic over! Thanks guys, hopefully see a few people and cars at Shardlow next week
  2. Hi is it just my iPad or is anyone else having problems since the new website, I see Ian has booked in for LitP, I still can't find anything in the store about tickets? Really don't want to miss out! cheers in advance Martin
  3. I have never been on one of these Mloc Sunday morning runs, but they sound great! I might have to tax the car!
  4. That's pretty much what my guy said they harden no matter how they are stored, when on a car being used they react differently to when they just sit for years in storage, but hey who really knows? I can only speak from my own experiance
  5. I am very new to all this but I had a full set of AD08's fitted on my Elise S1 at my local garage costing £400 inc, and they weren't 3 years old, don't tyres degrade with age? I had R888's on when I bought it but won't ever track so changed to more road bias and even a life long van driver like me could tell the difference, so much better handling.
  6. Hi mate, bad look! I have plenty of tools and would be glad to lend a hand, just let me know when and where Martin
  7. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly at my first meeting, I had a great time and seeing so many Lotus in one spot was great (sorry for parking the wrong way round!). Great drive home too trying to follow Simon, but then blue flashing lights slowed me down, just an ambulance! Simon was gone! But then a few miles down the road he appeared behind me, mmmm think there is a story there!
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes! I am as stated new to driving a lotus or any decent car having had vans or land rovers all my life. I am having huge confidence issues with people telling me how scary mid engine cars are, all this 'when it goes you have no warning etc', I am a pretty sready driver but find myself loving corners now but have no idea of the limits of the car, where is a good place to go to get some tuition? Also I have changed my tyres from R888195/50 R15 and 225/45R16 to Yoko Advan Neova 185/50 R15 225/45 R16 on the advice that the R888 are terrible in the rain and my use is road not track life etc, have I done the right thing I wonder?
  9. Just joined the club after buying an Elise S1 a few weeks ago, anyone out there in SE Leicestershire?