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  1. OL55


    Hi All I know this is the wrong forum but is there any interest in a manual M2... It’s a fully loaded LCI Model, 9k miles, 1 owner, Manual, Feb 2018 Reg A few of you will have seen it in person. Drop me a message if interested and I’ll share more details. Price c.£35k Thanks Oli
  2. OL55

    Exige S2

    Thanks for helpful responses all - I’m still looking around and will update the thread if anything interesting pops up. Cheers
  3. OL55

    Exige S2

    Do you have a view on the metallic green car on PH - looks nice, but it’s quite pricey...
  4. OL55

    Exige S2

    Hi Kieran That’s incredibly helpful - Appreciate the time taken to respond with all the information. Based on research and your post I’m looking for a minimum of a 240 - ideally later dash with a couple of the packs. Was it a particular model or year of registration where they changed to the later dash? Reference the synchro point - are the gearboxes susceptible to this across the S2 range? It’s for weekend use primarily, with the odd trackday. I want it to feel / look different to the S3 220 I previously owned... In terms of colours - I’m considering all apart from red. I’ve had a red car previously, but wouldn’t go back to it. Thanks again Oli
  5. OL55

    Exige S2

    Hi All After a brief(ish) break from lotus I’m currently looking for an S2 Exige. Key search criteria include relatively low miles (ideally under 30k) and preferably a later dash car. I don’t know much about the model other than what I’ve seen in ads - is there a more desirable power output? Any tips or things to look out for then please let me know! Finally, if anyone knows of a good car that isn’t currently on the market then drop me a message... Thanks Oli
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