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  1. NJ16 GXD - Blue Exige

    Interested to know any details - it’s for sale at bca, probably going to be a bargain for someone!
  2. NJ16 GXD - Blue Exige

    Happy New Year All Does anyone know any info about this car? Thanks Oli
  3. P0601

    Thanks Martin - it's in the garage so maybe a software issue which they can fix
  4. P0601

    Hi All Any views on what causes this fault code? Cheers
  5. I'm up for joining too... I managed 1 run and the LiTP event last year - both of which were excellent!
  6. A Mloc Welsh Weekend

    Hi Jon Thanks for the further details - it sounds great. Unfortunately I'm already committed on the new dates and won't be able to attend... the greater hotel availability maybe linked to the fact it's Father's Day on the Sunday. I was really looking forward to it. If for any reason anything changes with the date I'll certainly be keen to get involved. Cheers
  7. A Mloc Welsh Weekend

    Hi Jon 1 place / room for me please - sharing a room is ok, although I don't mind paying a single supplement... Thanks for organising Oli
  8. Your First Lotus Drive Of 2017

    Looks great guys - disappointed I couldn't make it
  9. A Mloc Welsh Weekend

    I'm definitely up for a run through Mid Wales... I need to venture out of England and put some more miles on the clock!