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  1. This is all great information. Thank you all.
  2. I don't plan to daily it or modifying it, only maintaining it in good order. Maintenance cost is my only concern due to the stories I here. I thought it would be best to ask on a forum.
  3. Hi All Thank you so much for all the responses - It has been a great help, if I do get one, it will get a S2, from a Lotus specialist and with a good history. I don't really plan to use it a lot, just on weekends. I want something that is enjoyable to drive, without headaches or stress. Elise seems to be the car I'm looking for. Once again, thank you all for your messages.
  4. I'm thinking about buying a pre-owned Elise, some people have scared me off my claiming that they require a lot of maintenance which can be expensive, is this true?