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  1. GEO

  2. GEO

    Thank you.
  3. GEO

    Who are the GEO wizards these days? I used to use Horizon, but sadly they are now defunct.
  4. Love

    I love my silly little car, that's all!
  5. Another New Lotus

    Times have changed, I thought only S2 drivers had to come out!
  6. Well...

    I was too busy!! I am seriously impressed with the developments that Lotus have made since the original S1. I had a 1997 model which would have had my eyes out on stalks in the sort of conditions that I met on both the rural roads of Shropshire, and the M4.
  7. Well...

    I had to go down to Poole from Shropshire this weekend, and it was an absolute joy. It pissed with rain for the entire journey down, but at no time did I feel anything other than completely confident in the little car's behaviour...fantastic. I don't know if it is the DPM or suspension tweaks, but a trip that I had been quietly nervous of passed without a murmour. Good car, lovely car!!!!!
  8. off to bed..

    Just before I go, I thought that I would lob this cat at those pigeons over there. Aside from the aesthetics, are there any real-world benefits to be had from the plethora of aerodynamic bits and bobs that litter the Lotus community? Night night.
  9. HIDs

    It's clearly a minefield. I love driving and consider having a licence to be a great privilege, so the prospect of invalidating my insurance is a no-no.
  10. HIDs

    Good question! I don't want to dazzle others, and proper alignment is key. What I have observed is that too many people raise their lamps with the leveling adjuster.
  11. HIDs

    Thank you both for your replies. The article on dazzling certainly rings true when your eyes are at the same level as other motorists bumper! One big advantage of the HIDs I fitted to my S1 was that a short flash did encourage others to dip. Where I live, in darkest Shropshire, many people drive with all their lamps on; why, I have no idea, but it can be really unpleasant. The legal aspects of running HIDs do worry me; are people finding that upgraded bulbs make a real difference?
  12. HIDs

    Against all expectations, I'm finding the S3 Elise headlights to be even worse than the S1 I had some years ago. Back in the day, I fitted an HID kit from Eliseparts, but I am curious as to the current thinking; which kit have folks opted for, and are there (have there been) any issues with current legislation? Thanks.
  13. Insurance

    Thanks Dan, I have gone with your company!
  14. Happy Bunny

    At long last, I'm back in the fold. I collected an Elise S this afternoon, and haven't stopped giggling. Who knew that a Lotus could have torque?! Many thanks to Kate, at Paul Matty's, who made the whole process so straightforward.
  15. Insurance

    Thanks, I shall phone around.

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