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    Cars, cars and more cars, and my off road buggy, anything with an engine.

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    azure blue
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    Image split rims 16" all round, Alloy belled disks, lowering mounts, stainless exhaust. type r engine

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  1. Does anyone want a standard S1 Elise Kenwood stereo and speakers, I dont want anything for them just looking to clear out some space.
  2. Has anyone heard of Rustbusters EM121 Epoxy chassis paint? I have used it on my MX5 and was really impressed, being an epoxy paint it drys really tough and bonds to rusty steel, It doesn't chip or peel off plus it can be used to fill the rust pitting damage so you can in theory get back to a smooth finish, I wish I had discovered it before I did my rear suspension! only down sides is that it is really messy and if you spray it on you would have to be really sure to clean out your equipment thoroughly afterwards!

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    Elise S1 exhaust, £80 or nearest offer, It was used on my standard engine and seemed to flow well enough for the Honda engine which made good power!


  4. robinchild

    off road buggy latest

    new chassis is finished, bar painting of the rear subframe.
  5. robinchild

    Rear suspension

    My rear suspension refresh
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