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    Cars, cars and more cars, and my off road buggy, anything with an engine.

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    Image split rims 16" all round, Alloy belled disks, lowering mounts, stainless exhaust. type r engine

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  1. That's a good point, it would probably be better to try that first before going for the bigger disks as I am basing my brake performance on a less that ideal setup. Thanks for your input!
  2. That is true but as I want to do some track days next year I really need to upgrade the brakes, the car is running nearly 3 times its original power and the standard ones seem barely good enough for the road. Although this is probably due to still having mmc disks on the rear. (I like them as they don't corrode up due to the little use it gets in the winter) I currently have elise parts alloy belled disks and red stuff pads on the front. I should have room for bigger front disks as I am running 16" wheels on S2 hubs, the rear I will probably fit the alloy belled standard sized disks. It would
  3. Hi Everyone, I have noticed that Elise Shop are selling 308mm alloy belled brake disk for the S2 and S3 elise for just under 400 euros, Has anyone bought a set of these? it seems almost to good to be true, I guess postage and import taxes will increase the cost of these?
  4. robinchild


    I was wondering is there is a connection between the Alpine A110 and the new Emira, the Alpine architecture looks very lotus underneath the stamped body panels, I know there is a partnership with Renault and I saw a picture supposedly of a A110 test mule was using Elise body panels, Thing is the Emira test mule was a modified Evora so that would indicate it has more in common with that platform! any thoughts???

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    Elise S1 exhaust, £80 or nearest offer, It was used on my standard engine and seemed to flow well enough for the Honda engine which made good power!


  6. robinchild

    off road buggy latest

    new chassis is finished, bar painting of the rear subframe.
  7. robinchild

    Rear suspension

    My rear suspension refresh
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